Les Chouettes is “drôlement chouette”

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The restaurant was a clock factory in the 19 th century

The restaurant was a clock factory in the 19 th century


Les Chouettes (the Owls) is « drôlement chouette » as we would have said in French in the 70’s, very groovy indeed. This fairly recent restaurant –it opened four months ago – is located on rue de Picardie between République and the Marais. It’s already a hit among the thirty/forty crowds of beautiful Parisians and I was introduced to it by my nieces who know the sous-chef, charming Frédéric Lutz.

But as a group of slightly olderpeople, -hilariously funny and food connoisseur New York artist Donald Sultan was one of us- we did not feel out of place. A continuous stream of tall and slender young girls came up and down the Eiffel type cast iron staircase which leads to the third floor, a library/bar with a view down on the restaurant. There are tables on the three floors with a covered courtyard and a glass roof. The place used to be a clock factory in the 19th century and the decorator enhanced the black and white decor of tiles on the floor and on the walls. The atmosphere seems very New York to the French but keeps its Parisian flair. 
The maitre d’ was a dashing former model type of a Blond charmer and he never stopped being nice all evening long. The menu is a short choice of three starters, three entrées and three desserts. Prices range around €70 per person. Soft music, briliant service, great food. If I wanted to be fishy, I would say that the Jerusalem artichoke soup was so good, I would have liked a second helping. But the lady duck (cannette) was perfectly cooked and huge and the carrot dessert very light… We went home with Uber which has definitely made a change to Paris taxi life. It was heavenly !

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15 Comments on “Les Chouettes is “drôlement chouette””

  1. Sounds really wonderful! What an excellent idea to write a Paris diary.
    We will put this in The Evernote app
    And try out this restaurant on our next trip.

  2. Brava Laure! 2015 looks brighter knowing that I will discover what’s new and interesting in Paris from your point de vue.

  3. Bravo Laure,

    This is exactly the vignettes of Parisian life and suggestions that I love as they are authentic and instructive.

    I can hardly wait for each next installment.



  4. Hello Laure,
    What a wonderful idea for those of us who long to live in Paris….brilliant…thank you for sending it to me and love to all the family. Alice

  5. Well, well, well,.. this is thoroughly enjoyable reading, not unlike “The Talk of the Town” in the The New Yorker, the personalized touch is a refreshing take on the spirit of Parisian inner cool. What a pleasure to see such a gift for discernment on display and being shared. An auspicious launch, looking forward to reading more…

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