Let new lights enter your life

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At Kartell,  Planet lamps sell for 316€ to 369€

Winter is a good time to renew your lighting around the flat and I found four sorts of lights to indulge in. Kartell, one of my favorite shops in Paris, has new lights all the time and the Planet lamp, which comes in three colors, is really chic.

Chinese lamps at Maison de la Chine

Maison de la Chine, founded three decades ago by Patricia Tartour on place St Sulpice, always has interesting exhibitions (Gao Bo ‘s photographs of Tibet at the moment). The Chinese lamps first edited by David Tang in Hong Kong years ago, are for sale there as well as many fun plates from Limoges but with a Chinese theme and numerous tea pots. It has become mostly a travel agency specialized in Asia but you can have lunch there and be very far from Paris in a glimpse.

At Sentou, lampshades become a festive decorative item

Sentou, who cleverly edited lampshades for 25€ is one of the most imaginative decoration shop on boulveard Raspail.  With a regular bulb, the lampshades distribute multicolor reflections and can be adapted to any sort of light. Standing and hanging.

And Neoz, which I discovered thanks to architect Ken Kennedy, is an Australian company which specializes in cordless lights. They are activated by a chargeable battery and have many shapes. they are devised mostly for outside dining but have developed a line of Victorian lamps or the dining groom. Their website is worth a visit…

Lights on the beach by Neoz, an Australian cordless lamp company

The list of their clients is overwhelming with all the best hotels in the world, especially outdoor restaurants but also town hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental in Milan, the Shangri La in London, Hotel Ambassador in Zermatt and the Park Hyatt in Abu Dhabi.

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3 Comments on “Let new lights enter your life”

  1. I love this! It makes me think of the artist we met who was showing beautiful perforated lights some years ago at a show in Brooklyn. Lighting has such enormous range beyond the merely technical!!

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