Lilian Tuck delivers a new gem

Lilian Tuck in Paris last spring

« Sisters », the new short novel by National Book award winner, Lilian Tuck is not about sisterhood as we immediately understand in Christopher Nicholson’s quote on the title page: « First and second wives are like sisters ». It is the most subtle, cruel, funny story on marriage, infidelities and sexual passion. After her wonderful autobiography « The double life of Liliane », published in 2015, this eleventh work shows how naughty and witty this introverted writer really is.

The book is out on September 5

Set in Manhattan, the book is full of vignettes on today’s life, men and women’s relationships, children and lies that bind everyone. As a second wife, the heroine is jealous, manipulative, sexy and dreams a lot. There are many moments set in France and dealing with Mathematics, two worlds that the author is fascinated with and that she knows well.

The 156 pages flew by before I had a chance to put the book down. The read is a delicious plunge into men-women’s relations, with their failed moments and misunderstandings. Lilian Tucks’s use of words is precise and cruel at times.  The book is chiseled with a very sharp tongue and it is a little gem ! (Atlantic Monthly Press)

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