Louise Pressager brings sun into our lives

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Louise Pressager in front of Météo, 2018, l’Escalade, 2018, Fratrie, 2018, La main soleil, 2018 and Dessin bateau, 2016

You probably remember seeing Louise Pressager‘s work here before when she won the Prize of the Salon de Montrouge and was invited to show her videos at Palais de Tokyo by Jean de Loisy. She has since exhibited in Malakoff and in Caen, in Nancy and in Villeurbane, but her show at Galerie Laure Roynette is the first in a private gallery. And it is exhilarating. When I received the invitation of a large yellow cloud lit by the sun, I immediately felt happy and the series of drawings and video she is showing are both dark and very funny. They all treat the theme of human kind, socially, spiritually and mentally.

Le Bilboquet, 2018

It is always wonderful to be surprised by an artist one knows, and this show “Redessiner le soleil” is full of new images and new mediums which startled me. There are drawings, prints on dibond® (a special metal used for photography), videos, two songs written and sung by the artist, and  neons. Louise’s sense of humor is a perfect complement to her technique, chiseled over the years with her parents, who are artists themselves and both teach art in Lorraine. Some of her favorite themes are there, like the cross (medical or religious?), men whom she sometimes identifies with, death and sheep assembled in a herd, probably the most striking drawing of the show.

Le Troupeau, (the herd) 2018

I personally loved “Mémé arrose”, a little lady who waters her loved one’s tomb and says: “Come on, are you going to grow back?” and the sheep breeder who makes his animals levitate, a pond on the French word éleveur (breeder).

Rideau!, (curtain) 2018 (before and today)

For Louise has already had a few lives. She has studied Political Science and has a Master in law, she has written songs for many years. But mostly she has produced a few singular videos, which are already in prominent collections. She is also very interested in psychiatric hospitals and patients and collaborates artistically with them on a regular basis.

“Mémé arrose”, 2018

The gallery is conveniently located one hundred meters from the Picasso museum in the Marais and the window was already attracting many young tourists’s cameras before the opening.

The window of the gallery on rue de Thorigny “I believe in God”, “I believe in medicine”

“Redessiner le soleil” by Louise Pressager, Galerie Laure Roynette, 20 rue de Thorigny, until February 23.

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3 Comments on “Louise Pressager brings sun into our lives”

  1. Génial ! Merci, Laure.
    Plutôt que de parler de Blue Monday, je suggère que l’on institutionnalise la “Louise Pressager Season” de la mi-janvier au début du printemps !
    Lots of Sun to you, Laure, and to all your readers,

  2. Je viens de faire la connaissance de ce blog qui m’enchante et j’irai demain matin chez Laure Roynette.
    Merci de me compter dans vos fidèles.

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