Lunch outside at Golf Paris Longchamp

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The Restaurant du Golf at Paris Longchamp, a true respite in the day

I already told you last May about Nathalie Jeanson, the great French Pro, who took over the management of Golf Paris Longchamp, the golf practice in the Bois de Boulogne. Well, I went recently to check out the changes and had lunch at Le Restaurant du Golf, which opens all day and serves lunch but no dinner. My first surprise was to run into a number of elegant friends who seem to use it as their cantina in the middle of the week,  when the weather is pretty.

The tartare of daurade was exquisite

I must say it is quite delightful to be twenty minutes from the center of Paris, in the middle of the famous racecourse, and surrounded by lawns, putting greens and flowers. And when the menu is great it’s even better. Managed by Laurent de Gourcuff, the reigning restaurateur of Paris (who also owns Apicius) whose is supported by the Accor Group, it serves gaspacho, calamars, linguine, croque monsieur and a delicious huge Caesar salad. But also a classical entrecôte or steak tartare. I picked the tartare de daurade and of course the riz au lait with caramel as dessert, but there is also chocolate mousse and sherbets. The usual “café gourmand” is called here “Putting gourmand”.

Laurent Verdière is the pro in charge of the Golf School

I had the pleasure of meeting the dashing pro Laurent Verdière who is head of instruction of the very popular golf school with a thousand children and more adults. Everyone is “sympathique” and happy to see a new “trackman” being soon installed for swing analysis and a garden decor on its way to being charming thanks to consultant Mélanie Ducaroir from “Terre à Terre”. We had a late lunch at 2 pm which was perfect and quieter, and could choose from the shade of the umbrellas or the linden trees. The atmosphere is super relaxed and everyone looks pretty sporty, which is always nice.

Nathalie Jeanson has a permanent smile on her face

You don’t have to be a golfer to go, but who knows? you might be tempted to take a first lesson and to check out this sport which is individual and, at the moment, one of the most secure health wise. Prices are not too hard, for two main dishes and desserts, no drinks, we paid 75€. Booking at Le Restaurant du Golf: 01 44 30 70 02.

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