Magic is in the decor! with Benita Kusel.

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Benita Kusel has magic in her hands

Benita Kusel is a painter of decors… She does marble, wood, slate, but mostly frescos on paper with shells, flowers, vegetable and can paint on anything including radiators to hide or ugly chests. For a wedding in Belgium, she painted silk vests, tablecloths in Italy, for a country house she devises a decor of deers and willow trees and with flower designer Baptiste Pitou, who famously had a corner at Hermès rue de Sèvres, she draws floral decors and creates drawings of gardens. She shows her work at the moment in the most eccentric, derelict artist studio on the very chic rue de Grenelle and it is great fun to visit her show, by appointment only.

Drawings of shells and marine elements on paper sell for 300 to 400 €

Some people have magical hands at the piano, Benita Kusel can draw anything on order. She is surrounded by a fantasy world where nature plays a great role. And the large studio with a huge glass window in which she shows her pieces is for rent in the most fun part of the 7 th arrondissement, near the rue Cler market. So she took advantage of it being empty to hang her numerous drawings in every room. The experience of visiting this unique place is fun so don’t hesitate to call her for an appointment at 0607548293.

A delicate drawing of fruit on paper

You can ask her to create a temporary decor for a celebration or to change your walls for the summer… She can do anything with her magical fingers.

Benita Kusel, or 0607548293

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One Comment on “Magic is in the decor! with Benita Kusel.”

  1. Magnifiques ces dessins et peintures ! Dommage pour nous de ne pas pouvoir aller les admirer sur place !!
    Merc i pour tes blogs , Laure .
    Toujours pas de voyage pour nous . Nous savons que peu à peu la France est déconfinée . Sois prudente néanmoins , le corona s’infiltrant partout sans préavis . Bon été

    Francine et Sylvie

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