Maison Plisson, more hip than gastronomy

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The Caesar salad, a safe classic

At Maison Plisson, the Caesar salad, a safe classic

There is something about Boulevard de Beaumarchais (between République and Bastille) that attracts trendy spots. The design shop « Merci » is one of them, with a nice café set in a library where one of my German friend spends her afternoons, browsing through German and English books. Maison Plisson is another recently opened « épicerie » and restaurant. The décor is nicely honey colored and the tables (very close together) remind me of a chic school cantina. There is inside and outside dining and all nationalities mingle.

Lentil salad with all the right ingredients

Lentil salad with all the right ingredients

The staff is young and disorganised but nice, and the food …well the food is ok if you stick to lentil or Caesar salad, fine if you choose the gravlax and really bad if you go for the Pizette which looks more like a heavy mix of ratatouille and cheese than the lovely thin pizza I had in mind.


Eating outside can be noisy but still pleasant

The limonade is very subtle with a little honey in it (5€) and coffe was excellent. And we could have indulged in a fruit tart or pana cotta. I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed by the food, but it is the trendy spot of the summer, right next to the art galleries and the shops of the Marais.

Next door, the cheese shop

Next door, the cheese shop

It was full on a Monday for lunch and I met my nice local friends, and the shop next door sells cheese and vegetables, wine and meat in a pretty setting. Do go for a light lunch and you will see the Paris scene from close up ! (30€ appr)

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2 Comments on “Maison Plisson, more hip than gastronomy”

  1. I was disappointed with the food there as well! Definitely trendy and an interesting scene, but the quality of their dishes is not on par. Although I didn’t try their baguette or bakery goods, did you see that they were selling those in a to-go line as well?

    On the other hand, I appreciated the vibrant atmosphere, beautiful hydrangeas, and the clinking coffee cups at the bar. Thank you Laure!

    xxx Deirdre

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