My favorite Happy New Year cards

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One says that January 31st is the last day for sending good wishes for the New Year, so here are my favorite cards this year and I am happy to share them with you!


From Mexico City, the most colorful  table decoration by Gérard Fontaine


From India, the holiest card where Nicky Vreeland gets his nose pinched by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

carte de voeux mail

From Malzéville, artist Etienne Pressager sends a playful bear ready to dance on a hazardous future


From Cuomo Lake, the Droulers play on nostalgia


From Giverny, President Hugues Gall is a mischievous Santa Claus

From Lausanne, Harriet Clark sends her pig-like tourists on the Acropolis

Gardner Louis Benech sends clover every year

From Paris, garden wizard Louis Benech sends different shamrocks every year.

Please keep suggesting events that we can all share.

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2 Comments on “My favorite Happy New Year cards”

  1. quel honneur de figurer dans cette charmante collection!
    Hugues qui vous attend à Giverny au printemps,as usual!

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