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Nicholas Vreeland leads His Holiness the Dalai Lama on December 29 th in Southern India

Nicholas Vreeland leads His Holiness the Dalai Lama on December 29 th in Southern India


There is a wonderful custom in Great Britain and The US of sending Xmas or New Year cards. Each year my French friends envy the mantelpiece in my living room, where I display the cards. Of course more and more arrive by e mail with endless stories of the children having lost their teeth or the husband having run off with a youngster, and it’s harder to show off. This is why I will use this little blog to show you the most precious Good Wishes message I received this year.
Nicky Vreeland, grew up in New York as the grandson of Diana Vreeland, the Vogue queen and founder of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum (how on earth did the Museum dare erase her name and replace it by Anna Wintour’s ? I don’t understand…). He then became a photographer assisting Richard Avedon and other major stars in the 80’s, but found his real calling in becoming a Tibetan monk.

Now that he is the Abbot of Rato Dratsang Monastery, a 10th century Tibetan Buddhist monastery established in Southern India, he travels to New York a couple of times a year selling his beautiful photographs to raise money for the Tibetan community.
He has remained close and faithful to his old friends and sent this amazing picture of the Dalai Lama visiting him in December. What a rejoicing image !

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5 Comments on “New Year Good Wishes”

  1. Very nice, thanks Laure!

    People might also enjoy looking at the Wikipedia articles about Nicholas Vreeland, The Tibet Center, the film “Monk with a Camera” and Rato Dratsang.

  2. So interesting about Nicky Vreeland and the photos. I am also ASTONISHED about Diana Vreeland’s name being erased. My mother was part of those early days with Diana in establishing this important wing. I am sure she is rolling over in her grave.

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