Obsidian stones are volcanic at Pierre-Alain Challier

Mattia Bonetti, mirror

It’s a good idea for the Christmas season to have commissioned mirrors and jewelry from famous French artists. And this is exactly what Pierre-Alain Challier, the charming galerist from the Marais, has conceived with Anne and Patrick Poirier, designer Mattia Bonetti, Jean Michel Othoniel, Hubert Le Gall and more terrific designers… The result is a fun show on two floors with objects at all prices. If I could pick one, it would be the large mirror in the hallway which is magical. 

Mathilde Bretillot, green reflections on obsidian sculpture

I had never really thought about obsidian as a precious stone. But when you see the work done by these eleven artists with Michel Der Agobian, the Arminian artisan who sculpts them in Burgundy, it becomes very interesting. The result of a four million years formation in the volcanic area of 5137 m high Mount Ararat in Armenia, this kind of obsidian varies from pitch black to tortoise shell color with transparent pieces. It was used by the Egyptians for Tutankhamon’s eyes and later by the Incas in Mexico. More recently by Jean-Michel Frank for a lamp.

Anne and Patrick Poirier, “Construction game for an archeological project”

This amazing stone also has positive healing virtues called lithotherapy and the gallery will be a very happy one all month with all these objects. Bonetti, Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc and Le Gall have produced great mirrors, Jean-Michel Othoniel delivered necklaces with beads of course, Josette Rispal signed four statues-mirrors which are very striking in a redish color .

Josette Rispal, mirrors

Nicolas Lefebvre and Elie Papienik have both designed striking objects. There are also cuff links and candle holders, rings and bracelets, and two very large mirrors by Jean-Baptitse Sibertin-Blanc. One of the pieces I preferred is a black cube by Arik Levy with two wedding rings incrusted in it. A great way of not wearing it and still celebrating your union,  if you are allergic…

Jean Michel Othoniel, necklaces

“Un Miroir d’obsidienne” until January 12,  Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier, 8 rue Debelleyme.

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One Comment on ““Obsidian stones are volcanic at Pierre-Alain Challier”

  1. Gabriella Corsini

    Chère Laure,

    merci de tout coeur de nous faire rêver tous les mardis par toutes tes decouvertes.
    Bravo et quel travail merveilleux et si divers. Si on habite loin de Paris, cela
    nous donne le grande envie de retourner aussi vite que possible. J’aime bcp ta diversité de choix.

    Plusieurs personnes m’ont parlé d’une exposition absolument etonnante de beauté dans le Palais Tokyo de Tomas Saraceno sur les toiles d’araignés, des chefs d’oeuvres de la nature revisités par l’artiste.
    Peut être quelques chose pour toi. Elle dure juste jusqu’au 6.janvier.


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