An author, a translator and a great book!

Gerald Shea with his editor Gregory Martin and his good fairy, Aurélie Delfly

Gerald Shea with his editor Gregory Martin and his good fairy, Aurélie Delfly

The Albin Michel bookstore was ready for Gerald Shea’s book signing event on boulevard St Germain. Guests were arriving, the white wine was chilled, books were piled up on a tidy table. But the author was nowhere to be seen. He had been kept at Canal Plus television, for the taping of a top Saturday night broadcast with Thierry Ardisson! where he sang “Oh what a beautiful morning” fem the musical Oklahoma and imitated President Kennedy, live.

Priscilla de Moustier, André Citroën and Anna Jarota

Priscilla de Moustier, André Citroën and Anna Jarota

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Markus Lüpertz, a talented dandy

Markus Lüpertz, a true dandy (photo Laure Martin)

Markus Lüpertz, a true dandy (photo Laure Martin)

7 - copie

Kopf, 1981

He stands wearing a black hat and a stick and speaks in slow elegant German : Markus Lüpertz was at the Museum of Modern art of the City of Paris to present his new show of 140 paintings and sculptures. He is magnificent. « I am fascinated and very happy that my work is competing today with the beauty of Paris ». The day was a stunning spring sunny clear day and the Eiffel tower was glowing in front of the museum. Read More

A café, but not

On avenue Rapp, the Café de l'Alma is near the Eiffel Tower

On avenue Rapp, the Café de l’Alma is near the Eiffel Tower

It used to be just a café when Jacques Boudon (whose family already owned « La Fontaine de Mars ») decided to do it over at the opening of Musée du Quai Branly. And he did well since it has become a classics to have lunch or dinner there after an opening of African art such as the current magnificent show of « Masters of sculpture from the Ivory Coast ».

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A very special Infante at the opera

Le Cid / Massenet - Roubaud

Annick Massis as the Infante and Sonia Ganassi as Chimène in “Le Cid” by Massenet at the Paris Opera (photo Agathe Poupeney, Opera national de Paris)


It was a grand evening of Association pour le Rayonnement de l’Opera de Paris (AROP) and Palais Garnier was looking glitzy with hundreds of guests for dinner ! The arrival of former President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing seated on the first row of the balcony, created a little stir and he seemed very concentrated on « Le Cid » the opera composed by Jules Massenet on Pierre Corneille’s verses. The King of Spain, the brave Captain and Rodrigue’s victory must have reminded him of some of his political battles !Read More

Literary dinner in London


Polly Samson with husband David Gilmour whom she writes lyrics for

Polly Samson with husband David Gilmour whom she writes lyrics for.

I was surprised and flattered to be summoned to London for a dinner party at Quo Vadis,  in honor of Polly Samson, whose latest novel « The Kindness » (Bloomsbury) is on display in every book store.Books_TheKindness
New York book publicist Lynn Goldberg, had asked me with her usual charm, to join an incredibly distinguished group of writers and publishers on the eve of the London Book Fair. Our host was Clare Conville, Samson’s literary agent, who had a few of her authors around the table. Bloomsbury’s editor in chief Alexandra Pringle, was in deep conversation with Maria Campbell, the New York queen of scouts, and George Gibson, her New York colleague, spoke passionately with his new author, whose book will be out in September in the US.

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A new glass roof for Chantilly

The new glass roof of the Galerie de peintures at Chantilly Castle

The new glass roof of the Galerie de peintures at Château de Chantilly, with Le Nôtre gardens in the back, photo M.Savart.

Nicole Garnier in front of a Corot with Chantal Millet

Nicole Garnier in front of a Corot with Chantal Millet

The occasion was festive and « the Friends of Musée Condé » in Chantilly, could be proud of themselves for having contributed to the restoration of the paintings from the famous Duc d’Aumale collection. Pierre Antoine Gatier, architect in chief of Monuments Historiques, was discussing the color of the original 1895 mural fabrics by Binant, which he managed to save. A dark red which is not cherry and not brown. Very typical of the period. « Very shabby chic » as someone said, not glitzy at all and very Chantilly.Read More

Alexander McQueen takes a revenge

In the Romantic gallery a fabulous coat with goose wethers painted in gold

In the Romantic Gothic gallery, a fabulous coat (center)  made of goose feathers painted in gold

« London is where I was brought up, it’s where my heart is and where I get my inspiration » writes Alexander Mc Queen at the entrance of the exhibition of the V&A in London. I had seen the show previously at the Metropolitan Museum in 2011 but felt it would be more meaningful in London, and it was… The crowds are similar, some of the dresses too (there are 66 more in London) but there is something crazy and elegant about this new show that made me run back and forth for a couple of hours to try and understand this genius of couture who died tragically at 40 after having worked on Savile Row, succeeded John Galliano at Givenchy in 1996 and created his own house.

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Back to youth at la Géode

Géode jour

Inside this dome is a 400 seat theatre with a 180° screen and many dreams.

A fabulous sound system and a 1 000 square meter screen for very special films in 70 mm ! This is what the Géode, an Imax movie theatre, is all about since it was inaugurated 30 years ago in La Villette, in the Northern part of Paris.Read More