Notre Chanel by Jean Lebrun

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Starting the New Year is always a little tough. One is overwhelmed by all the emotions (or lack of them) generated by Xmas with the family and also disgusted by all the food that has been ingurgited over the holidays. I nonetheless immensely enjoyed  my lunch with former boss at the radio Jean Lebrun who has been on air evey day of his life in the last 32 years. His broadcast on France Inter radio station (a French public radio) runs at 1.30 which means that lunch is well deserved at 2.15pm. He has his habits in a very classical French delicious bistro, Chaumette, near the radio, where we had duck and purée with a strong Côtes du Rhone to fight the cold. And we discussed biographies.

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Louise Pressager plays with her videos

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To get over the dreary visit of Frank Gehry’s L.V.M.H foundation building, on a gray January Paris day, I headed for Palais de Tokyo where I wanted to see for the second time, the hilariously dark videos of Louise Pressager. Louise is a young artist who used to write songs and study Political Science in Strasbourg, France, before giving up to the family tradition and becoming a strong and intense artist.
Her father, Etienne, draws magical and enigmatic animals, plants, letters, objects. Her mother Natalie uses photography and images to convey her charming and poetic art. They both teach art in Lorraine. Louise is both very funny and dramatic, almost childish and naive at times and mostly… too grown up. As a laureate of the Salon de Montrouge prize last June, an art fair for young artists, her videos were shown at Palais de Tokyo (the epitomy of trendiness in Paris contemporary art) during the month of December. Read More