My favorite Happy New Year cards

One says that January 31st is the last day for sending good wishes for the New Year, so here are my favorite cards this year and I am happy to share them with you!


From Mexico City, the most colorful  table decoration by Gérard Fontaine

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African art at its best, just around the corner

Akan-Ghana, Head, terra cotta, 18 th century

Akan-Ghana, Head, terra cotta, 18 th century

Because I know nothing about African art, I always concentrate on the aesthetically beauty of sculptures and masks I discover, and Musée Dapper is a perfect showcase for such pleasures. The exhibition, « Chefs d’œuvre d’Afrique » is a tribute to the museum’s founder, Michel Leveau, an engineer who spent his life in Africa and collected top pieces in African art with his wife Christiane (born in Cayenne, Guyana).Read More

Wall paper, fabric, decorative arts

Wallpapers are exhibited thematically and were made over four centuries

Wallpapers are exhibited thematically and date back to four centuries ago


The visitor has to be pretty motivated to find out about wall papers and fabrics in this exhibition located on two floors at Musée des Art Décoratifs. The explanations printed in gold on the walls are unreadable because of the lighting, and there are no captions anywhere to be seen. If you are lucky enough to grab an explanation sheet, you then have a hard time connecting them to the art! So use your imagination and your eye!Read More

Thaddaeus Ropac helps the young

Thaddaeus Ropac' Pantin gallery in a former factory and Antony Gormley's Giant in front. Definitely a place to see.

Thaddaeus Ropac’s Pantin gallery built in a former factory. With Antony Gormley’s “Giant” in front. Definitely a place to see.

Charming Thaddaeus Ropac is a visonaire. He was one of the first in Paris to move to Pantin, a suburb north of the new Philarmonie concert hall, and now Chanel and Hermès have followed with their workshops, creating a hub in this poor neighborhood. Last Friday, he was having the « Tout Paris » for dinner, in honor of Jean Marc Bustamante, a brilliant photographer turned painter, and now the director of Ecole des Beaux Arts. His new work uses lightjet on silver paper that he enlarges. The effect is very decorative. (until March 5th)Read More

“The Winter’s Tale” à la Donnellan

Irish director Declan Donellan met his scenographer Nick Ormerod at Cambridge. He is permanent resident at eh Barbican

Irish director Declan Donellan met his scenographer Nick Ormerod at Cambridge. He is a permanent resident at the Barbican

Going to Théâtre des Gémeaux in Sceaux, a family friendly suburb south of Paris, is always a matter of utter excitement. The friend who invited me, was just as intense. We left early for an 8.45 pm show, and found ourselves perfectly on time for a bohemian buffet dinner at the theatre. A very nice and pretty waitress, who had obviously never carried a plate in her life, let alone listened to a food order, made us immediately happy with her beautiful smile. How soothing to let things happen in a disorganised way. We managed to kidnap a table and two chairs and very soon, two old friends showed up, Patrick and his delightful daughter Marianne, who studies acting. The draw of the evening was Declan Donnellan’s new staging of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”.Read More