Sauvage, what great food!

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Foie gras and pear was excellent

When two people I trust tell me to try a new place, I rush! and this is what I did with an English friend at Sauvage, which replaced the wonderful La Marlotte on rue du Cherche Midi. There is no decor at all in this blunt white wall space furnished with very simple woden tables. The reception is warm and young and the food delicious. You will not be disappointed.

The decor is minimal but when the restaurant is full you don’t notice it

I almost missed it when I arrived in the dark because the name of the restaurant has not been changed on the outside. So make sure to write down the address, 55 rue du Cherche Midi, otherwise you might wander around for a few minutes. Immediately the charming staff made us feel confortable and the pretty plates which were brought within minutes were reassuring. The menu is short with a choice of oyster, quince bouillon and radishes  (my choice) or raw beef with cerfeuil  or Scallops or foie gras which my friend chose.

Three oysters in a quince bouillon with black radishes

The main quality is the fresh vegetables and products which are original and earthy at the same time. Desserts where a lemon tart and a very light choux à la crème. Everyone is young and jolly and the ambiance is especially cheerful. On the week ends a bar with simple food replaces the main restaurant. It is worth trying out.

Sauvage, 55 rue du Cherche Midi, Mondays to Fridays. 01 45 48 86 79 

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