Shoulder of lamb stew by Denise Dubois

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Carrots, onions, a little bi tof garlic and a shoulder of lamb

Denise Dubois was born in Brittany just under the nose, in Crozon. Her grand mother taught her how to cook and how to live in this wild part of France where the wind reigns. Fish is of course the great specialty in this fishing community near Camaret, but for Easter, lamb prevails, and this recipe of stewed shoulder of lamb is delicious, especially when eaten by the fireplace in a delightful fisherman’s cottage… Not quite Cornwall but as magical as you can get.

The fisherman’s cottage often needs a fire even in the summer

We are in a tiny hamlet called Kersiguenou a few miles from Crozon, where one goes shopping. Less than fifteen little houses face the view all the way to New York. At five hours from Paris on the train through Quimper or Brest, it is the height of wilderness and simple life. This is where Denise Dubois, who worked all her life in Haute couture and still leads visits of Coco Chanel’s apartment for very privileged clients, likes to retire four times a year. Especially for Easter when nature wakes up around her two little houses.

In the back, the cottages have a garden where you can have lunch

For 6 persons, buy 1 kg 5 of shoulder of lamb. 750 g of carrots, 750 g of potatoes, two large onions, a little garlic, and a bouquet garni (thyme and laurel). Throw the meat in a cocotte with a little oil and roast it for five minutes with the onions and a clove or two of garlic. Then throw a glass of water, the carrots, herbs, potatoes and let it simmer at very low fire for five hours. Add water regularly if needed. Towards the end you can throw some peas or coco beans to add some green and a little honey if you like.

Heather leads you down to the beach in Kersiguenou

The great advantage of this dish is that the more it cooks the better. So if you need to reheat it the next day, it’s perfect.

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3 Comments on “Shoulder of lamb stew by Denise Dubois”

  1. Que de belles et poétiques photos ! Excellent pour le moral. Merci ma chère Laure.
    A prestissimo. Love Clémentine

  2. Ton reportage me donne envie de retourner vite chez Denise !
    Baisers confinés de Marrakech.

  3. Chère Laure,
    à une gastronome avisée comme toi, j’indique une (petite) variante: plutôt que de mettre un verre d’eau, je te suggère plutôt de déglacer les sucs avec un verre de vin blanc, ou d’un vinaigre blanc que tu auras fait toi-même avec les restes de tes bonnes bouteilles. Dernier détail: quelques petits pois nouveaux à introduire 10mn avant, pas plus, afin qu’ils restent un peu croquants. Mmmmmmmm!!! Je t’embrasse. Eric

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