Socks, socks, socks

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Vincent Metzger and Jacques Tiberghien created

Vincent Metzger and Jacques Tiberghien created

I recently mentioned to you which is one of the most incredible websites I have ever visited, well there is another one which you might want to use this summer if you are going walking in the Alps or shooting grouse in Scotland. « » was started with Gammarelli socks from Rome. You know the famous purple and red socks that cardinals and bishops wear to match their robes. They are sometimes nicknamed the Pope’s socks even though they do not come in white, but in black cotton and silk. It used to be that you could only buy them in the Vatican and now, thanks to Vincent Metzger and Jacques Tiberghien, two brilliant young Parisians with guts, you can buy them on line for 20€.

Hunting socks from Mazarin sports

Hunting socks from Mazarin sport

D.D. socks, Mazarin (who used to cater only to French academicians) kids and sports (beautiful hunting socks for 70€), riding socks and even comfortable Bresciani padded golfing socks for ladies. I will never have to roam Paris shops again ! and for Christmas I am thinking of indulging in vicuna or cashmere socks.

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