“Spotlight” a true chef d’oeuvre

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The new editor of the Boston Glove shakes everyone around

The new editor of the Boston Globe, Marty Baron, (Liev Schreiber) shakes everyone around. He is now the executive editor of the Washington Post

If you have not seen this film yet, rush, you don’t have a choice! It is the most exciting, well written script and psychologically well tuned film I have seen for a long time. It only came out last week in Paris and it has become the word of mouth tip since. Everything is bright about it. The characters are unbelievably subtle, with their qualities and their faults, the acting is at its best with Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo and Boston is a fun city to spend two hours in.

The lawyer who spent his life defending the victims is both brilliant and mad.

The lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian, spent his life defending the victims, he is both brilliant and mad.

At first when I was told about its opening in the States some months ago, I thought to myself that I was not interested in, yet another film about frustrated priests and little boys. But what is great about this one, is that you never see them. You do meet victims years later, who are devastated, weird, unconfortable, carrying the stigma of their suffering at a young age. But the film is really about brilliant journalism and reporting. The sort of digging that only young avid, angry, pure, reporters can achieve.

The spotlight team led by Michael Keaton with

The spotlight team led by Michael Keaton (center) with Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Mc Adams and Matt Caroll


Cardinal Law and one of his bishops

The key to the enquiry is the nomination of Liev Schreiber/Marty Baron as the new editor of the Boston Globe. He comes from Florida, is unmaried and jewish and needs to change things immediately at the Globe which is loosing readership. This combination of will, ambition and total dedication to his newspaper, is the key to the huge success of « operation Spotlight ». His meeting the cardinal, who acts as the « king » of Boston is a moment of high intelligence and his acting « en demi-teinte » is just stunning. Michael Keaton‘s team of single dedicated reporters does the rest.

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