Street art at the Petit Palais and “Picasso Iconophage”, the power of images.

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Inti, Encomendacion, (offering) 2024 @Itinerrance

There is lots happening in Paris and some museums will stay open during the games like le Petit Palais which is right in the middle of everything and Musée Picasso which has inaugurated a new show “Picasso Iconophage“. While havoc is reigning over the Seine, noone can cross the bridges anymore by car except at l’Alma and Pont Neuf, buses have stopped operating on most itineraries and three major subway stations are closed around the Concorde, Parisians try to stay sane. The upcoming elections are making everyone nervous from shopkeepers who fear a general recession and have started their sales three weeks early, to MPs who are not sure to be reelected on July 7. Everything is up in the air. Which sports minister will inaugurate the Olympics? Which Prime minister will have to deal with the chaos? So I recommend that you focus on cultural events which are steadily programmed.

La Salle Concorde at Petit Palais is showing 60 International street artists in the “We are here” exhibition, @Itinerrance

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, paid her second visit in 10 years to le Petit Palais, the major arts museum of the City, for an exhibition with an English title, “We are Here”, on street art! Initiated by Annick Lemoine with Mehdi Ben Sheikh, director of Galerie Itinerrance, it shows paintings by Inti, Invader, Conor Harrington, Shepard Fairy, D*Face, Hush, VHILS, etc. All names are either acronyms or inventions. Hard to remember. In the staircase, where Jean Michel Othoniel’s suspension hangs, there are mosaics in tiles, and in the main sculpture galleries, butterflies by D*Face stand in front of the views of Grand Palais.

D*Face, D*Face gives You Wings, @Itinerrance

The exhibition is free as is the visit of the permanent collections and it is a very efficient  way of getting a new  and younger public into the museum… The Theodore Rousseau exhibit closes on July 7. So rush if you have not seen it yet. It is a true discovery. “We are Here”, until November 17, Petit Palais.

Pablo Picasso, The Rapt of the Sabines, 1962 © Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Dist. GrandPalaisRmn / Christian Bahier / Philippe Migeat © Succession Picasso

At Musée Picasso, the collections have been successfully rehanged and a ground floor small show outlines Picasso’s passion for visuals of all kinds. It is a very intellectual installation on the influence of Poussin (the Rape of the Sabines), Goya, Manet, etc. on the painter.  The origin of the Minotaure paintings or the “Déjeuner sur l’herbs” inspired by Manet. It’s always interesting to find out thanks to brilliant art historians how a genius is inspired. Thanks to pictures of his studio we realize that he kept postcards and posters and all kinds of photographs which he used later in his works.

Pablo Picasso, Bust of a man with a hat, 1970, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rennes ©Grand Palais Rmn (musée national Picasso-Paris) / Adrien Didierjean © Succession Picasso 2024, Photo Voyez-Vous, Vinciane Lebrun

His amazing “pisseuse” hangs near the Brothel scene by Degas, “La fête de la patronne”, the influence of the musketeers and d’Artagnan is emphasized with films and prints by Rembrandt, African statues are also present of course as are the prints by Goya relating to the Korean war in his work.

It is a great way to see more paintings by the master with a history behind them. Until September 15 at Musée Picasso.

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