Summer (Duvelleroy) fans are in!

Portrait of Mrs Duvelleroy, 1905, by Louise Abbéma. The yellow of her dress has inspired the new owners for the shop decoration

The adventure started in 2010 when two clever Parisian school friends decided to buy the Duvelleroy fan brand which was asleep. They revived it so well and developed so methodically both couture accessories and ready to wear or paper fans, that they are now able to celebrate 190 years of Duvelleroy fan making.

Eloïse Gilles and Raphaëlle de Panafieu, the new owners since 2010, Copyright Duvelleroy/M. Bernos

Eloïse Gilles and Raphaëlle de Panafieu are the most jolly working mothers I know. All summer and until October 19, they exhibit the archives and some of the precious historical fans in their showroom of rue Amélie.

You can indulge in a very expensive couture “Klimt” black feather fan or buy their new line of wall lamps in sanded brass which are stylish and reasonably priced at 500€. Or just admire the pink flamingo vintage fan and many of the posters of the time. Some of the 19 th century advertising material is particularly interesting.

The Arrow lamp in sanded brass

It is a brilliant idea to get into decoration on the theme of fans and with the summer promising to be particularly hot, we will all need fans in Arles for the photo festival and Aix en Provence for the opera, Toulouse at Fondation Bemberg and Nantes in the newly restored art museum. So do not leave Paris without visiting 17 rue Amélie. (Duvelleroy is also available in the US and in London or on line at

The Klimt couture fan, at 3 800€


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