Tapestry, needle work, petit point, a last minute present

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I remember spending long holiday evenings when I was a teen ager, creating cushions in tapestry. It was a nice way of listening to the grown ups’ conversations and keeping my hands busy. This easy art is still a passion for many and there is a unique and refined little shop, Tapisserie de France, between Opera and the Louvre, where you can find the most authentic designs. Whether you choose medieval or 18 th century themes, these canvases will fulfill your quest for quiet Saturday evenings. It has kept an authentic atmosphere and the owner has all the time in the world for you.

Inspired by Huet’s singerie in Chantilly

Annie Bouquet, the shop owner, is a painter who will design any model on order: for the armchairs your grand mother sowed which are worn out, to recreate a copy of the Unicorn lady from Cluny or of  the Singeries in Chantilly.  She and her daughter have a studio upstairs and produce the most charming ideas. And then it all depends of you… But she does not sell already made cushions!

Annie Bouquet runs Tapisserie de France

The shop is conveniently located near rue des Petits Champs and you will love spending a few minutes chatting with her. All her wool threads are dyed in Aubusson so as to have the proper original colors and she has a huge choice of patterns. Her clients are castle owners who try to recover  their old stools, many foreign tourists and a few young ladies who try their first cushion. She has some Christmas themes, animals and flowers, an Eiffel Tower, but also Art Deco or geometric shapes. Mostly, she will design whatever you like.

Tapisserie de France, 7 rue des Moulins, Paris 1 Tel: 01 42 60 65 67.

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2 Comments on “Tapestry, needle work, petit point, a last minute present”

  1. I love this! I wish there were such a shop in Boston but it might swallow up all my time and money …

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