The best views from my window

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Waking up in Montreux, Switzerland, last February

When I look back at the Year 2020, which has been such a disaster for so many people, I find some beautiful images of the marvels of our world which I wanted to share with you for future travels. Not everything was negative, we learned to rediscover little moments of daily life like discussing with the cheese monger or seeing the trees blossom on an everyday basis. We learned to be happy with tiny things like being allowed out one hour a day. I wish you a much happier 2021 with beautiful projects and successes.

Confinement in March in Paris

The first camellia of the confinement was a true miracle when it appeared. And then roses followed and lily of the valley. Spring was more beautiful than ever and it really mattered.

July in Boulouris, private spots became precious hideaways from the crowds wearing maks

Enjoying the beach just before masks were mandatory in July in the South of France. Being able to be by the sea and to share time with a few friends, even to listen to a private concert were moments of bliss.

Land’s end in Cornwall in August

Missing Cornwall in August this year but remembering all the wonderful times in Porthgwara, near Land’s End, alone with dear friends at the extremity of the world. This is another destination with no shops and no crowds if you pick the right cottage like the one featuring here, called “Far away cottage”.

December in Mortefontaine with its beautiful oak trees.

Longing for snow which has not arrived yet. And longing for sunny palm trees landscapes like in Santo Domingo or in Louxor!

David Hockney, View from the Studio at Dawan II, from the exhibition “My Normandy” at Galerie Lelong until February 27

The view I wish I oucld afford from my bed is this painting which is part of the David Hockney exhibition that everyone agrees on is “My Normandy” at Galerie Lelong. If you have not been yet, rush before it closes on February 27. It is uplifting, classical contemporary painting with great maestria. And such an honor for Normandy that the British master has chosen to settle there for a while.

Times have been tough for many but let’s look at the bright side of having seen so much of our families during confinement. Never again will we be for 24 hours a day with children and grand children.

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12 Comments on “The best views from my window”

  1. Merci beaucoup chère Laure pour tes articles et découvertes passionnantes que tu sais nous fais partager.
    J’aime particuliérement ce petit dernier qui résume cette année 2020 avec un optimisme formidable.
    Bravo et je te souhaite une Merveilleuse Année 2021 !

  2. Merci pour ces notes d’optimisme .
    Vous savez capter la beauté et la faire partager.
    Trés belle année 2021 et à bientôt.


  3. En me relisant , je m’aperçois d’une faute d’orthographe.Arhg!
    “Vous savez capter” et non capté. Sorry.

  4. Thank you, Laure, for helping us ring out the year with images of beauty, in spite everything.
    Happy New Year,

  5. Merci, chère Laure, pour ces belles images. Comme les chênes gelés de Mortefontaine sont magnifiques !
    À bientôt, je l’espère, dans les rues du 8è.
    Je t’embrasse,

  6. Chére Laure,
    Autant de fenêtres vers l’imaginaire dont nous avons besoin. Grace à Laure , partageons les et nous garderons nos esprits.
    Amitiés et bises au fan club le plus choisi qui soit.

    Sheila et Marc

  7. Thank you, Laure for the weekly respite from the dreariness of this past year. Love the views from your windows!
    Best wishes for a happier New Year.

    John & Karen

  8. merci chère Laure de nous faire partager ces jolis moments ! je te souhaite une très heureuse année 2021 ! et à très bientôt.
    Je t’embrasse

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