The Ca’d’Oro’s Renaissance treasures are spending four months at Hotel de la Marine!

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Antonio di Puccio di Pisanello, Jean VIII Paléologue

What a luxury to be able to see the masterpieces from Venice on place de la Concorde thanks to the Al Thani galleries of Hotel de la Marine. There was a huge fright on New Year’s Eve when part of the roof caught fire in a coworking space, but it seems that the situation is now under control and the premises have reopened. It is due to the closing of Ca’d’Oro for renovations and the special relationship  which the Al Thani foundation has developed with the city of Venice, that this prestigious loan was made possible. Curated by Philippe Malgouyres from the Louvre, the show includes Mantegna and Titian masterpieces, a marble virgin by Pietro Lombardo, a gilt bronze by Pier Jacopo Alari dit l’Antico of Apollo, a group of terracotta by Giacomo Piazzetta, a Tintoretto, a Bernini… It is not as exciting as taking the vaporetto to visit the museum but the small exhibition is extremely refined and as always impeccably designed.

Bartolomeo di Francesco Terrandi, dit Bartolomeo Bergamasco, Matteo Eletto, in the center, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Cardinal Pietro Valier and Alessandro Vittoria, Benedetto Manzini © The Al Thani Collection 2022. Photo Marc Domage.

As usual you enter through a magical gold installation with precious little objects and then walk along a dark gallery so as to better discover paintings and statues in the larger room of the exhibition. 15 th century medals by Pisanello and Bellini, a bronze of horses grazing by Bellano, a delightful Satyre by Severe da Ravenna’s studio are a wonderful appetizer  for the future treasures.

Gian Maria Mosca, Portia committing suicide

The Ca’d’Oro, a large palace on the Grand Canal, was saved in 1894 by Giorgio Franchetti whose mother was Sara Louise Rothschild, an art lover. He collected with his wife, a painter and ancient art passionate, and he spent the last 28 years of his life restoring and filling the Ca’d’Oro with treasures. He gave the house to the Italian state in 1916 and it opened as a museum in 1927.

Andrea Mantegna Saint Sébastian, with (left) Andrea Briosco, known as Riccio, Saint Martin and Tullio Lombardo, Double portrait (right)
© The Al Thani Collection 2022. Photo Marc Domage.

This is a short visit which you can complete with Hotel de la Marine if you have not been yet. It is very festive and not teh Christmas crowds have left. Tickets for each exhibition can be acquired separately and booking is mandatory. Hotel de la Marine, Place de la Concorde. Until March 26.

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