The cherry clafoutis is in season

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Often when you buy cherries they are not very sweet, or they are tasteless or almost gone. The cherry clafoutis is a great dessert to serve lukewarm all of June. And it is so easy to make. This is the recipe given by Thierry Chevalier, chef of Cercle Interallié in Paris. Make sure to keep the cherries with their pits and don’t forget to spit them out when eating the dessert.

You need a pound of cherries for 6 and keep them with their pits for cooking

For 4 people, take 450 g of cherries (black preferably), 50 g of melted salted butter, 3 whole eggs, 15 cl of milk, 50 g of flour, 45 g of sugar, a grated vanilla stick and a spoonful of kirsch. Mix, the flour, sugar and vanilla. Add the eggs, milk and kirsch. At last, add the salted butter. Butter an oven dish and place the cherries with their pits first. Then pour the paste which should look like pancake paste. Bake for 10 mins at 220°C and fifteen minutes at 180°C. You can add almonds and iced sugar halfway through the cooking.

Mix flower, sugar vanilla, then the eggs and milk and the kirsch.

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5 Comments on “The cherry clafoutis is in season”

  1. What a great idea ! I will make it for Sunday lunch and hope it comes out better than my last version, which was like lead !

    Memories of Provence in June ! xx

  2. Je vais utiliser mes pauvres dons culinaires pour préparer ce clafoutis mais en Colombie nous n’avons pas de cerises !! Je vais essayer avec un autre fruit ….
    Merci Laure !!

  3. Why not remove the pits beforehand? I think the clafoutis is much easier to eat when you don’t have to spit out the pits while eating. Also it maybe does not look so neat when everybody at the table is spitting pits all the time.

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