Two French sporting records

At 48, Thomas Coville went around the globe in 49 days

Two amazing sporting events happened recently in France. While the Vendée Globe, a round the world sailboat race alone and with no assistance, is soon ending, the French sailor Thomas Coville, sailed around the globe on his trimaran in 49 days, reaching Ouessant on Christmas Day at 6 pm. His sponsor Sodebo, a manufacturer of pizzas from Brittany has sponsored him for fifteen years.

Robert Marchand, biked 23 kms in one hour at 105

A fortnight later, 105 year old Robert Marchand has run 23 kms in one hour on his bicycle. A medical expert said on TV that his small height (1 m 50) and his very large heart with 140 beats a minute, helped his excellent physical condition… This former fireman, who has known 16 French presidents since 1911, had biked from Paris to Moscow at 81, and broken many records of biking after 100…
What an optimistic way to start the year!

Coville arrived on Christmas Day at 5.53, in Ouessant, Brittany

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