Very cosy, la Ferronerie

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La Ferronerie, a neighborhood restaurant in the 7th

It’s always been a discreet little restaurant hidden in the rue de la Chaise near the Lutétia but now it has become the hang out of many customers, who are disappointed by the new decor of Les Soufflés Récamier.

DSC_3290La Ferronerie, (the iron monger) serves simple delicious French cuisine such as pâté de foie de volailles or warm lentil salad, mâche and sugar beat and red pepper and mozarella. I chose marinated anchovies which were delicious and joue de veau farcie (stuffed cheek of calf) with potato purée. And a fabulous dessert, a real baba au rhum with whipped cream and a whole bottle of rhum to pour onto it.
This was my annual lunch with a retired diplomat, who now writes novels. And he told me that he had spotted there Milan Kundera and Philippe Labro, former customers of le Récamier around the corner. At night, la Ferronerie serves publishers and neighbors from rue de Varenne or rue de Grenelle, who know they will never be disappointed by this neighborhood restaurant.(€40)

But having been to the Récamier recently (you know it’s the restaurant which serves soufflés and both Bush and Obama were customers), I disliked the new modern decor with harsh white walls but loved, just as much as before, the roasted whole kidney and beaufort and caramel soufflés. UnknownSo the best solution is to go and sit outside under the marquis where the decor has not changed. and in the sunshine, it’s even nicer! This is what former minister Albin Chalandon and Catherine Nay, both very old customers, have decide to do and they are very happy with the food.(€80)
La Ferronerie, 18 rue de la Chaise, Paris 7 and Les Soufflés, 4 rue Récamier, Paris 7

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