Sir Norman Foster is a true star at Centre Pompidou

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When you walk into the 2 200 sq meter exhibition dedicated to Norman Foster on the 6 th floor of Centre Pompidou (until August 7), you feel completely lost at first. As if you had dived in a pool too large for you. Almost sixty years of drawings are exhibited in the first room, on the walls and in very pretty … Read More

In Le Havre, Marquet is staged at Musée André Malraux

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Going to Normandy implies for me a visit to Musée André Malraux in le Havre, a little jewel built on the water with perfect proportions and a steady collection of Boudin, Dufy and other Impressionists. As Edouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre, writes in his introduction to the catalog, “Guillaume Apollinaire describes Albert Marquet (1875-1947) as someone who watches nature with … Read More

Alfred Courmes is a revelation at Centre Niemeyer

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I had never heard of painter Alfred Courmes, 1898-1993, and it’s only because a friend asked me to go with him to the Parti Communiste Français’s beautiful monument designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer that I went. And it was a true adventure but a very successful one. Born in Bormes-les-Mimosas, the son of a naval officer, he studied in Monaco before … Read More

La Chapelle Expiatoire celebrates Louis XVI th’s surviving daughter

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La Chapelle Expiatoire is a discreet little chapel built by Louis XVIII in 1815, on the former Madeleine Cemetery, in memory of his brother Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, who were buried there after their heads were chopped off on place de la Concorde.  Their bodies were then transported to the St Denis basilica and the monument finished under Charles X’s … Read More

Ecouen, Chantilly and Musée de l’Armée are allies in the War of the religions

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Had you ever heard of Antoine Caron (1521-1599)? I hadn’t, even though I saw some of his tapestries in Fontainebleau last year in the exhibition “L’art de le fête à la cour des Valois”. The masterpieces of the show were already three exceptional tapestries lent by the Uffizzi in Florence. In Ecouen’s Musée National de la Renaissance, the eight tapestries commissioned … Read More