Gustave Courbet, at home in Ornans

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It is an adventure to visit Ornans in the middle of the winter but it is so worth it that I came back to Paris after a three hour train ride, totally exhilarated. It had snowed heavily the day before, so all the roads were iced between the train station of Frasne and the little town where Gustave Courbet (1819-1877) … Read More

An ideal outdoor cantina and a nostalgic show at the Saint Laurent museum

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I went to see the new Yves Saint Laurent show on “Shapes” which reminded me of the glorious years when anyone could buy a Saint Laurent ready-to-wear outfit because they were cheap. The premises of the Foundation, decorated by Jacques Grange, are elegant and simple but not functional. The rooms are small and on three levels. The whole space will … Read More

Au Temps des Cerises, a perfect bistrot!

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There is nothing special about the menu at Le Temps des Cerises, it is just ordinary French bistrot dishes but everything is delicious and home cooked. The waiters are all sweet and attentive, the lunch menu at 18,50€ is unbeatable and the decor is cosy and warm. You can eat outside in the sun on the quiet little rue de … Read More

Les Affranchis, a great Sunday (and Monday) night bistrot

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Les Affranchis is a typical trendy restaurant of la Nouvelle Athènes, on the delightful place Gustave Toudouze, with large trees, catered for the successful young couples who do not cook and love creative dishes served as a work of art. The chef, Enrico Bertazzo, comes from Padova near Venice, one of the waiters is from Sardinia near Olbia and the … Read More

Nicolas Poussin is a sexy hit in Lyon

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I never liked Nicolas Poussin whom I always considered too austere, even though Musée Condé in Chantilly holds at least 6 (including the Massacre of the Innocents) and the Louvre close to forty. So when I heard of the exhibition at Musée des Beaux arts de Lyon devoted to “Poussin & l’Amour“, I thought this might convince me of his genius. … Read More