Flippers and juke boxes at La Monnaie de Paris, what fun!

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“Insert Coin” is the story of two wonderful kids who love flippers and all coin machines. One, Nicolas Galiffi is a marketing consultant, specialized in pop culture, who loves and collects toys and games, the other Jean Baptiste Clais is curator of Asian collections and porcelains at Musée du Louvre. He also has a doctorate in social anthropology, teaches at … Read More

Societies of friends are the new (social) power…

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Now that everyone spends their time sending text messages and posting on Instagram, physical social life has virtually disappeared from our lives. I find myself enjoying talking to my baker more and more while buying a baguette! But little by little, “the Friends of…” and “Cercle des Mécènes” have developed and created cultural salons focused on specific themes. In music, … Read More

Bonnard, the film and more happy artistic times!

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Given the current pessimistic atmosphere, I will continue to give you only happy news. The film “Bonnard, Pierre and Marthe” by Martin Provost, will not remain in the history of cinematography but it depicts with beautiful decors the tortuous life of the painter and his difficult companion Marthe. Both Musée d’Orsay and Christie’s organized previews of the film. Some scenes … Read More

Sad and Happy moments to share

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I sadly had to attend two funerals this week and the reason I mention it to you is that at both events, something magical happened. One was of Hubert Martin, a successful banker, president of the Friends of Paul Claudel and a great music amateur who died at 103. At Saint Pierre de Neuilly, his daughter Laurence Dumaine Calle and … Read More

Perfumes from the Orient at IMA, what a good surprise!

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The exhibition “Parfums d’Orient” started at IMA (Institut du Monde Arabe) last September but I have to admit I forgot to go. When I heard an interview on the radio France Culture, of the wonderful “nose” of Givaudan, Christopher Sheldrake, I was mesmerized by the poetry of his speech. So I rushed to see the show and I really recommend … Read More

Happy New Year 2024

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To celebrate the New Year we need a little optimism, and the beauty of nature helps greatly. Since our future depends on forests and trees, I have selected a few magnificent ones which I had never seen before. Here is a Mexican Ceiba, the sacred tree of the Maya, symbol of the universe, which is also known as the silk-cotton … Read More

Merry Christmas a day late…

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I love it when readers send me their images and here are a few of them for Christmas. Lin Utzon, the Danish artist, is a painter, a sculptor and has created many designs for Royal Copenhagen which sadly does not exist anymore. Her whimsical set of porcelain with blue dots is perfect for the Christmas season as is her series … Read More