The New France and the Olympics

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It has been a rule in the past that when Great Britain turns to the Tories, France elects a socialist government (Thatcher/Mitterrand), (Blair/Chirac) (Gordon Brown/ Sarkozy) and in this case, the Labor Sir Keir Starmer, elected in a landslide last Thursday has given us the worst fears as to the future majority of the Front National (Le Pen) over Le … Read More

Marie and Felix Bracquemond, Fondation Custodia, ADOR in Versailles… so much to see and so little time

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On Tuesday April 30 at 2.30pm, Artcurial is auctioning Marie and Felix Bracquemond‘s drawings, paintings and Gobelins tapestries kept in the family until now. And also various services of plates, made by Creil et Montereau in 1866 and Haviland. This exceptional couple who met at the Louvre, were very close to the Impressionists. While Felix was mostly a printer (I … Read More

Flippers and juke boxes at La Monnaie de Paris, what fun!

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“Insert Coin” is the story of two wonderful kids who love flippers and all coin machines. One, Nicolas Galiffi is a marketing consultant, specialized in pop culture, who loves and collects toys and games, the other Jean Baptiste Clais is curator of Asian collections and porcelains at Musée du Louvre. He also has a doctorate in social anthropology, teaches at … Read More

Societies of friends are the new (social) power…

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Now that everyone spends their time sending text messages and posting on Instagram, physical social life has virtually disappeared from our lives. I find myself enjoying talking to my baker more and more while buying a baguette! But little by little, “the Friends of…” and “Cercle des Mécènes” have developed and created cultural salons focused on specific themes. In music, … Read More