“L’Envol” takes us flying at la Maison rouge

What a wonderful title, “L’Envol” (The flight) for a last exhibition at La Maison Rouge! Antoine de Galbert, who started this contemporary art foundation 14 years ago, has decided, after 131 exhibitions, and 100 000 visitors a year, to devote his energy and love to artists and institutions without the daily worries of running his own house. The occasion of … Read More

Ghosts and hells in Asian art at Quai Branly

It is a collection of spirits wandering through forests, of hungry ghosts and vengeful cat-women which have been haunting the Asian imagination for centuries that is the topic of a new exhibition “Ghosts and Hells in Asian art” at Musée du Quai Branly Jacques Chirac. From buddhism to video games, from religion to popular art, curators have found the most … Read More

Polychrome sculpture at Orsay

It is always a delight and a special emotion to enter the large hall of Musée d’Orsay, formerly a train station, where the clock remains and hundreds of sculptures are shown with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. A short (100 pieces), but fun exhibition of polychrome sculptures, has just opened and I found out that the 19 th … Read More

Galerie Lelong settles on avenue Matignon

The first time I saw a David Hockney iPad drawing was at Musée Yves Saint Laurent in October 2011. The show was revolutionary and everyone wondered if “real” art was over? For the opening of their new gallery on avenue Matignon in the former Jérôme de Noirmont space, Galerie Lelong is showing “Portraits”, a series of four new self portraits … Read More

Château d’Eu, a beautiful royal decor

I had been wanting to visit Eu, a little town in Northern Normandy, where the castle hosted the d’Orléans family and lately the Comtesse de Paris and Les Amis du Musée Condé in Chantilly easily convinced me to join them. Partly restored by Duc d’Aumale, the wonderful collector and owner of Chantilly, it belonged to the Brazilian branch of Orléans … Read More

Zao Wou-Ki in silence and in full splendor

The new exhibition of Zao Wou Ki‘s work at Musée d’Art Moderne, “Space is silence”,  is as striking by its large format as it is by its colors. The new space along the Seine where the works are shown, is very bright and the triptychs of the master attract many quiet visitors who sit for hours watching his enigmatic landscapes. … Read More

The American dream in prints

The summer exhibition at Fondation Custodia, is devoted to “The American Dream, pop to the present”, a jolly collection of prints lent by the British Museum and cosponsored by the Terra Foundation. For those of us who actually lived through these fabulous years when Jim Dine and Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol and Roy Liechstenstein changed the course of art, the … Read More

Versailles is extending on Marie Antoinette’s territory

There is not a week without a new event at Versailles and the opening of the Queen’s hamlet, newly restored is major news. At the same time, a new prize for historical books is created and given to a biography of Camille and Lucile Desmoulins by Hervé Leuwers (Fayard). From Revolution to restorations, the old palace is constantly on the … Read More