Tina Modotti attracts the crowds at Jeu de Paume

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Tina Modotti is mostly known as a Mexican photographer today and yet she was born in Udine, near Venice in 1896, lived in Klagenfurt, Austria, as a child, and immigrated with her family to San Francisco at 16. There, she was a seamstress, became a model and acted in a mute film in Hollywood. This is where she met Edward … Read More

Societies of friends are the new (social) power…

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Now that everyone spends their time sending text messages and posting on Instagram, physical social life has virtually disappeared from our lives. I find myself enjoying talking to my baker more and more while buying a baguette! But little by little, “the Friends of…” and “Cercle des Mécènes” have developed and created cultural salons focused on specific themes. In music, … Read More

In Lyon, Ruins are too contemporary

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Enough friends had told me about this exhibition of “Formes de La Ruine” at Musée des Beaux Arts de Lyon, that I booked a return ticket by train (2 hrs) to see it. And I must say I was a bit disappointed. I expected to find incredible, unknown ruins (I knew the Hubert Robert paintings would be fantastic and they … Read More

Bonnard, the film and more happy artistic times!

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Given the current pessimistic atmosphere, I will continue to give you only happy news. The film “Bonnard, Pierre and Marthe” by Martin Provost, will not remain in the history of cinematography but it depicts with beautiful decors the tortuous life of the painter and his difficult companion Marthe. Both Musée d’Orsay and Christie’s organized previews of the film. Some scenes … Read More

A quiet week in Paris!

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The week has been quiet in Paris with a few discoveries. There is an excellent exhibition of Donald Sultan‘s new works “Mimosas”, at Galerie Andres Thalmann. Sultan‘s works are characterized by a combination of abstract, minimalist shapes and precise lines, creating a harmonious balance between figuration and abstraction. Vivid colours are just as much a part of his artistic signature … Read More

Musée Guimet celebrates Japan, a thousand years ago and today

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The Japanese season is booming at Musée Guimet where the main exhibition, “At Prince Genji’s court” has just opened with the celebration of women’s literature in the Heian Period (794-1185), mixing short poems, waka, and prose. Fashion, art and buddhism illustrate love in “The Tale of Genji” which has fascinated generations of Japanese, during multiple periods. The story recounts the … Read More

Jean Michel Othoniel and Villa Dufraine produce marvels

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Usually when you are invited to see the works of students in residence you find one out of 10 which is interesting and have to force yourself … This time the divine surprise at the exhibition “Bonsoir Mémoire” is that most of the 10 young artists were fascinating and the whole exhibition at la Monnaie de Paris is intriguing, dynamic … Read More

André Ostier on Avenue Matignon, and more…

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  Avenue Matignon has never  been so busy as this week with an exceptionally well attended Paris Photo fair taking place at Grand Palais éphémère on the Champ de Mars and all the galleries looking at their best. At Jaques Lacoste, who specializes in furniture and decorative arts of the XX th century, the first major exhibition of André Ostier‘s … Read More