Stephen Shore’s photographs, from vehicular to vernacular

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Clément Chéroux, director of Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson was quite funny when he gave us the title of the new exhibit he curated: “From Vehicular to Vernacular”. What he meant is that Stephen Shore and he chose pictures from the huge sum of shots by the American photographer (b. 1947), which had all been taken from a vehicle or more recently … Read More

André Steiner at mahJ, what modernity!

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Every museum in Paris is trying to have exhibitions with a theme related to the Olympic Games, with more or less success. Musée d’Art et d’Histone du Judaisme  shows a small but particularly attractive exhibition of photographs by Hungarian artist André Steiner (1901-1978) who emigrated to France in 1928. Trained as a scientist at the Technische Universität in Vienna, he … Read More

The Jeu de Paume is closing from May 12 to September 28, and announces a brilliant season for the end of the year

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Due to the Olympics, which will bar access to place de la Concorde and part of the Tuileries gardens all summer, the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume has to close down on May 12. So if you have not been yet, make sure to see the fabulous Tina Modotti exhibition and Bertille Bak (b.1983) “Out of Breath” who plays … Read More

Tina Modotti attracts the crowds at Jeu de Paume

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Tina Modotti is mostly known as a Mexican photographer today and yet she was born in Udine, near Venice in 1896, lived in Klagenfurt, Austria, as a child, and immigrated with her family to San Francisco at 16. There, she was a seamstress, became a model and acted in a mute film in Hollywood. This is where she met Edward … Read More

Societies of friends are the new (social) power…

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Now that everyone spends their time sending text messages and posting on Instagram, physical social life has virtually disappeared from our lives. I find myself enjoying talking to my baker more and more while buying a baguette! But little by little, “the Friends of…” and “Cercle des Mécènes” have developed and created cultural salons focused on specific themes. In music, … Read More