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Simone Pheulpin shows her new landscapes made of cotton threads at Maison Parisienne

PAD, the design fair in Jardins des Tuileries, was celebrating its 24 th edition since 1998, and it was a beautiful and refined occasion to discover new galleries of ceramics, lamps and furniture. Everyone was under 40 years old on the stands and in the aisles and very glamorous. I discovered Aurélie Galois’s works at Mouvements Modernes, a gallery set in the Palais Royal (11 bis rue de Beaujolais). They will show the glass creations “Eternae” by Sam Baron next June 10-22 in their charming space. She paints with carbon pencils on gum. At Galerie Italienne, rebaptised Raphaella Riboud-Seydoux, ceramics are always amazing and at Maison Parisienne, who is celebrating its 15 years, with 15 artists, Simone Pheulpin the sculptress with cotton threads, showed new landscapes along Pierre Renart’s amazing folded furniture and Lison de Caunes and Julien Vermeulen. Read More

Collection Pinault has never been so fun at Bourse du Commerce

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Kimsooja’s installation under the cupola is very exciting visually

Bourse du Commerce  where the Pinault collection is housed is one of the most exciting buildings in Paris, across the street from Saint Eustache and it has an exciting group exhibition ” The World as it goes” on its three levels with a special focus on Korean artist Kimsooja in tis rotunda and ground floor display cases as well as in the basement. I particularly liked the Chinese artists Liu Wei‘s “Library”, 2012,  in wood and Sun Yuan & Peng Yu‘s display of old men on their wheel chairs on the ground floor and Peter Doig upstairs. All works come from the Pinault collection. Read More

XVII th century luxury in your pocket! It’s at Musée Cognacq-Jay

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Marguerite Gérard, “The Bad news”, 1804, Paris Musée du Louvre

Luxe de Poche” or luxury in your pocket at the Age of Enlightment,  is a good title for this precious little exhibition at Musée Cognacq-Jay, founded by the creators of the Samaritaine stores… Beautifully curated by Sixtine de Saint Léger and Vincent Bastien  from Versailles, it offers a sociological study of these intimate snuff boxes, smelling bottles or sewing kits, used by courtiers in the 18 th centuries. Lent by the Louvre, Versailles and the V&A.., the pieces are real jewels, developed by famous artisans and often illustrated in paintings of time, where they show the sophistication and wealth of their owners. The three hundred pieces are well described in cartels (including some for children which I loved) are often adorned with diamonds an other semi precious stones and represent real mosaics.Read More

David Hockney’s “Normandism” in Rouen and “Impressionism” at Giverny

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Giverny by DH, 2023

I am crazy about David Hockney, and his series of iPad drawings started just after COVID in the house he bought in Normandy, is riveting. They were shown at Galerie Lelong in Paris and at the Tate and Musée Granet in Aix last year. Some of them and other paintings are exhibited in Rouen at Musée des Beaux Arts, until September 22. This is a good excuse to visit the beautiful town, its Museum of Ceramics and cathedral (where Roberto Alagna sings on April 26)  and return to Giverny, an hour away,  where Musée des Impressionistes has a sweet exhibition “l‘Impressionisme et la mer“. Read More

“En Jeu”, artists and sports 1870-1930, at Musée Marmottan-Monet

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Marcelle Cahn, “The Three Raquettes,” 1926, Cholet, Musée d’Art et d’Histoire

Erik Desmazières, director of Musée Marmottan Monet, is right to start early with “En Jeu”, because so many cultural institutions have programmed special sports themes for the Paris Olympics (even TCE with L’Olimpiade by Vivaldi in June), that we will soon be fed up! And this whimsical exercise of associating artists and games is totally successful. It has to do with the two curators’ panache and curiosity for all arts. 1920’s posters are mixed with a very large Courbet of a woman surfing on the waves in Trouville and etchings are shown on the same level as paintings or sculptures. Benjamin Herring II and Thomas Eakins, Georges Desvallières and Monet, Renoir and Caillebotte, Jean Metzinger and Jacques Gruber, Frits Thaulow, Daumier and Van Dongen are all mixed and very entertaining. Many games/sports are portrayed here from English Hippodromes, to tennis, cricket and even “pelote Basque”. But alas! golf is nowhere to be seen! For lack of good paintings probably?Read More

Stéphanie des Horts, Daniel Cordier, Colin Thibert, Lesley Blanch, four books to discover

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Stéphanie des Horts signed two hundred books in two hours!

Stéphanie des Horts has accustomed us every year  to the publication of fun biographies about scandalous women. Her new book, “Carolyn et John” is the story of the glamorous Kennedy couple who died on their way to Martha’s Vineyard on July 16, 1999. We know everything about the dramatic event but Stéphanie has a unique way of telling their story with just enough scandalous details and true empathy to keep our interest going all the way. At the signature of the book, the crowd of friends and faithful fans invaded the tiny librairie Kogan on 17 rue du Bac and all the 200 copies were gone by 8 pm. She tells the story of wonderful New York before Nine Eleven, in her usual sexy way…Read More

Brancusi is overwhelmingly beautiful at Centre Pompidou

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“La Baronne”, cir 1920, Centre Pompidou, “Head of a woman”, before 1922, Centre Pompidou, “A Muse”, 1912, Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum, New York, “A Muse” after 1917, Centre Pompidou, “Head of a woman”, circa 1908, Centre Pompidou

What an incredible surprise to enter the white and black world of Constantin Brâncusi (1876-1957) at Centre Pompidou and to (re)discover the talent of this Romanian sculptor, who was the first to carve marble and stone before creating plaster moulds, and concentrated on simple shapes. His studio of Impasse Ronsin, near Hopital Necker in Montparnasse, was a place of fascination for his contemporaries and he bequeathed it to the French government. It was recreated next to the Pompidou Center in 1997 and designed by Renzo Piano. The series of abstract birds, children’s heads, muses, and erotic “Princesses” were scenographed with great talent by Pascal Rodriguez and Bertrand Stevenel. Read More

Virtual shopping at ArtParis

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Chilean artist Ricardo Maffei at AMS galeria Chile

Every year, ArtParis is better and 136 galleries (of which 60% are French) were selected this year with 42 new ones like Esther Schipper from Berlin, Peter Kilchmann from Zürich, Meessen and Michel Rein from Brussels, Richard Saltoun from London and Galerie Poggi from Paris. And I found some surprising works again this year. At Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve where Eva Jospin reigns unriveled, I loved the “fixé sous-verre” paintings by the Portuguese Gil Heitor Cortesao. He paints abandoned landscapes with oil on plexiglass and shows the unpainted side. Its effect is quite fantastic.Read More