At Petit Palais, Modernity is the theme

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This is the third part of a trilogy started by Christophe Leribault at Petit Palais with “Paris Romantique ” in 2019 and “Paris 1900”, in 2021. “Le Paris de la Modernité, 1905-1925” is a multifaceted show starting with Montmartre and Montparnasse, the beginnings of automobile and aviation, Paul Poiret and Jeanne Lanvin’s fashion, the Théâtre des Champs Elysées and the … Read More

The Patrimoine culturel is a big French issue

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There were newcomers and the old traditional attendants at the Salon du Patrimoine culturel in the Carrousel du Louvre and it is always amazing to find unique specialists of French art de vivre who cater mostly to historical places. They are not all geared at the restoration of castles and churches but the 300 participants all use exceptional materials and … Read More

Jeanne Malivel, a Bretonne who knew how to paint

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An American friend, who knows everything happening in Art Deco in Paris, mentioned this exhibition of paintings and furniture by Jeanne Malivel, 1895-1926,  at Bibliothèque Forney and of course I rushed… She probably would have remained in the reserves if she had not been a woman, who died at 31, and a Bretonne on top of it. Mostly self taught … Read More

The most portrayed woman ever, Sarah Bernhardt is at Petit Palais

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Out of 400 works shown at Petit Palais in the exhibition “Sarah Bernhardt, and the woman created the star”, there must be at least 200 portraits of hers in oil, watercolor, photographs and sculpture including a number of self portraits and works done by her lifelong companion Louise Abbéma. I had never realized what a good artist the actress was … Read More

Kraemer Gallery opens a pop up store on avenue Matignon!

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I ran into Patrick Hourcade last week and this former stylist from Vogue who worked closely on Karl Lagerfeld’s art collections, is full of new projects in photography and sculpture. While his garden decors in Vaux le Vicomte have inspired a New York museum to hire him, he did the scenography of a chic pop up store on 1 avenue Matignon … Read More