Here and there people you should know about…

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PAD, the design fair in Jardins des Tuileries, was celebrating its 24 th edition since 1998, and it was a beautiful and refined occasion to discover new galleries of ceramics, lamps and furniture. Everyone was under 40 years old on the stands and in the aisles and very glamorous. I discovered Aurélie Galois’s works at Mouvements Modernes, a gallery set … Read More

Imperial silks for Versailles at the Grand Trianon

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This morning at Versailles, I discovered that we owe one important historical moment to the Brits: in sending Napoleon to Elba in April 1814, they prevented Versailles from being turned into a Napoleonic castle with a new façade and new apartments for all his family and military aides. All the plans for the elevation and the decors were recently acquired … Read More

Rambouillet is the new place to be!

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It’s always very exciting to enter a newly restored house and Château de Rambouillet, managed by Centre des Monuments Nationaux, is particularly interesting for it glittered under three different regimes. First, King Louis XVI  who used to hunt there often (it is close to Versailles) and he  asked Hubert Robert to conceive laiterie (milk farm) for Marie Antoinette who did … Read More

What I am going to offer for Xmas?

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Every year it’s the same dilemma, you give presents whom nobody likes and you receive some that you immediately want to give away. I have selected a few modest ideas that might help? My favorite shop being Fragonard for soaps and fragrances but also tablecloths and plates or candleholders. Then comes La Chaise Longue which has fun little items like … Read More

At Petit Palais, Modernity is the theme

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This is the third part of a trilogy started by Christophe Leribault at Petit Palais with “Paris Romantique ” in 2019 and “Paris 1900”, in 2021. “Le Paris de la Modernité, 1905-1925” is a multifaceted show starting with Montmartre and Montparnasse, the beginnings of automobile and aviation, Paul Poiret and Jeanne Lanvin’s fashion, the Théâtre des Champs Elysées and the … Read More

The Patrimoine culturel is a big French issue

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There were newcomers and the old traditional attendants at the Salon du Patrimoine culturel in the Carrousel du Louvre and it is always amazing to find unique specialists of French art de vivre who cater mostly to historical places. They are not all geared at the restoration of castles and churches but the 300 participants all use exceptional materials and … Read More