Art Paris and PAD, talent is everywhere

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The atmosphère at ArtParis was very electrical and within ten minutes I had already seen four galleries with works I loved. At Mayoral, Vieira da Silva with a large “Blue and Yellow, The Villages”, and a remarkable Joaquin Torres-Garcia, “Dos formas en ocre y rojo” from 1938. At Claude Bernard, Sheila Hicks and Julius Bissier transformed the booth into a … Read More

The Museum and gardens Albert-Kahn reopen at last in Boulogne

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Started during visionary Patrick Devedjian‘s presidency of the department of Hauts de Seine, the renovation of Musée Albert Kahn in Boulogne was conducted over ten years by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma & associates and it reopened this week end. It is the perfect time to visit the 3,9 ha (9 acres) garden, with large white and pink camellias in full bloom … Read More

The best and the worst, make your choice

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What a relief to see at last a good painting exhibition at Lafayette Anticipations with the Chinese artist Xinyi Cheng show “Seen through others” and how sad to see the nightmarish “Pionnières” (pioneers) at Musée du Luxembourg. At least we have the choice not to go… I watched the new series on Netflix, “Drôle” (Standing Up),  written by Fanny Herrero, who is … Read More

At Musée Guimet, every floor has a show

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On the top floor of Musée d’Art asiatique, Mnaag, which you access by the elevator and a few more steps, Chiharu Shiota, the Japanese artist, has stretched her red threads across the rotunda. Like many other artists, she has worked during the last two years on the importance of one’s home and the domestic space. Below, in the Japanese galleries … Read More

Women war photographers, it’s not a new trend!

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At a time when we constantly hear and see women reporters at war, you might be interested by the new exhibition “Women War Photographers” at Musée de La Libération de Paris, place Denfert-Rochereau, and realize that women were already active with their cameras in the 1930’s. Starting with Gerda Taro, a German Jew, who died at 27 in Spain while … Read More

In Senlis, contemporary art takes over at Fondation Francès

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You might remember the extraordinary exhibition of ceramic sculptures by Cat Loray at Ivry sur Seine last year? I was totally overwhelmed by this artist who happens to live near Senlis with her husband Clément Borderie, also an artist, who creates canvases which are “tinted” by time and nature in the open. Estelle and Hervé Francès, started Fondation Francès to … Read More