A Lebanese writer leads the French Academy, tapestries at auction, Irving Penn photographs and more…

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When the Perpetual secretary of the French Academy, Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, died on August 5, at 94, the institution which is in charge of writing the dictionary and defending our language, was suddenly abandoned. This amazing woman, born in France, from parents who had  emigrated to France, after the Russian Revolution, became one of the foremost Historians in France: she … Read More

In Ottoman Salonika, Jews reigned…

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This exhibition on Jews in Salonika at the beginning of the XX th century is the story of a passionate collector who travelled to Turkey for his fashion business and started buying documentary photographs of the Ottoman world. After his famous company Anastasia went bust in the 1980’s, Pierre de Gigord sold his collection to the Getty Museum but they … Read More

What I look forward to in the autumn!

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The fist large show is devoted to Nicolas de Staël, 1913-1955,  who died too young and yet is one of the most revered XX th century French painters. Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris is opening a new exhibition of 200 of his works on September 15 and this is an event not to be missed. Xavier … Read More

Nic Barlow, a photographer at heart, has left us

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Nic Barlow was a very dear friend. But most importantly he was a fabulous photographer, a garden specialist and also a great portraitist. His warmth, extravagant tastes, unusual clothes brought him the sympathy of all sitters. He left us last Tuesday, August 1, at 72, peacefully in his sleep in his beautiful house of Stancombe Park, Gloucestershire. He liked to … Read More

Frank Horvat is rejuvenated at Jeu de Paume

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One of the good surprises at the opening of the new exhibition at Jeu de Paume was to meet Frank Horvat‘s daughter, Fiammetta, who is in charge of his archives and runs his studio. I knew the photographer (1928-2020) well in the 1980’s when he worked for Vogue Hommes and he had kept his charm and extreme simplicity, even though … Read More