At IMA, Jews from the Orient and Raymond Depardon’s photographs

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Institut du Monde Arabe always has nice surprises for us and the exhibition “Juifs d’Orient” puts a light on the eternal coexistence of Jews and Muslims in most of the Mediterranean countries. It covers twenty six centuries with 280 objects from Syria, Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, and a large section on North Africa where the French had strong interests until … Read More

At Roger Viollet, Gaston Paris shows his fantastic eye!

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Roger-Viollet is this magical gallery on rue de Seine where millions of historical negatives owned by the City of Paris are stocked and sold. Recently taken over by photo lover Gilles Taquet, it has become more dynamic and organizes regular exhibitions of their archives. At the time when Centre Pompidou is doing a retrospective of photo reporter Gaston Paris (1903-1964), … Read More

From Dharamsala, with love

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Some of you might be aware that the 14 th Dalai Lama, Tenzyn Gyato (b.1935)  has left Tibet in 1959 with 100 000 Tibetans and settled in Dharamsala in order to keep its religious freedom. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. Nicholas Vreeland who was raised in New York, and worked there with both Irving Penn and Richard … Read More

Photographer Samuel Fosso is impressive at MEP

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Suddenly African artists and writers are hip in Paris and at the time when the Goncourt Prize is being awarded to “La Plus secrète Mémoire des Hommes” by the Dakar born, Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, I enjoyed Samuel Fosso‘s exhibition at MEP, Musée Européenne de la photographie, run since 2019 by the Scot Simon Baker. The very talented photographer was born … Read More

Roger Fenton reports from Crimea, in Chantilly

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It is quite amazing to think that there were already photo reporters in 1855, fifteen years after the invention of photography in 1839, and this is what the precious Roger Fenton exhibition at Château de Chantilly is teaching us. Fenton (1819-1869) was born in Lancashire and started out as a painter in Paris in Paul Delaroche‘s atelier. He soon became … Read More

Maria Lannino brings our dear Palermo to Paris.

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This week Paris Photo took over the Grand Palais Ephémère with 148 galleries from 25 countries, and it was fun to hear again all sorts of languages being spoken with a large group of German galleries from Berlin, new ones from South Africa and Morocco,  and the usual New Yorkers. But for us, long time fanatics of the fair, there … Read More

Annie Leibovitz is disconcerting at Académie des Beaux Arts

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She is such a legend in the world of photography that I was surprised to actually see and even talk to Annie Leibovitz at the presentation of her exhibition at Pavillon Comtesse de Caen. The 72 year old photographer, an admirer of Henri Cartier- Bresson an Robert Frank, who started working for Rolling Stone magazine in 1970 while she was … Read More