An American painter is back in Paris

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Joseph Keiffer was partly raised in Paris by his artistic parents and he is back with a charming exhibition at Jane Roberts Fine Arts. From his French years he has kept, beaches in the Cotentin, 2 cv cars racing in Normandy, but also a staircase at 93 rue du Bac and a series of very French landscapes.

The Princess moves on!

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To own and maintain a large historical castle has become a gigantic adventure nowadays, and Princess Minnie de Beauvau-Craon, daughter of Marc, the seventh Prince of this French aristocratic family, knows all about it. She has decided to turn a new page at Haroué, her beautiful house in Eastern France, in Lorraine, and modernise her way of life. After exhibiting … Read More

Victoire and Hélène risk it all with their “gri-gri”

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  For their first exhibition in their new not-yet-totally-renovated gallery, Victoire de Pourtalès and Hélène Nguyen Ban are showing a good measure of courage ! After negotiating for a long time the lease of Yvon Lambert’s former gallery at 108 rue Vieille du Temple, the young women chose an artist from Cameroun, Pascale Marthine Tayou (yes a man with a … Read More

Poussin and a few discoveries

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I have always been reticent about Nicolas Poussin’s paintings and even in Chantilly where I discovered the fabulous « Massacre des Innocents », which is considered as one of his masterpieces, I tended to be bored by his landscapes. Well, with this new exhibition at the Louvre of « Poussin et Dieu », and thanks to Guy de Compiègne’s new … Read More

A Dolce Vita not so sweet

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It starts with furniture by Bugatti (the brother of… ) and Eugenio Quarti, presented at the Universal exhibition of Turin in 1902. An amazing painting by Pelizza da Volpedo, « The Mirror of life », shows a series of sheep following each other. So funny and so true ! In a small room full of Vittorio Zecchinis, one discovers the … Read More

Antony Gormley strikes in Pantin

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I braved the bad weather and the traffic on the Périphérique, passed the sad Philharmonie at Porte de Pantin and jumped into this disinherited suburb of Paris where Thaddaeus Ropac, the very worldly Austrian gallerist, opened, some four years ago, a very large exhibition space, in a former foundry.

American Icons in Paris and in Aix en Provence

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I had the feeling of being in Marfa, Texas, at the Guggenheim, at the Whitney, at MoMA all at the same time. And yet, I was just visiting a small exhibition of very high quality American artists at the Grand Palais in the center of Paris. Eleven small rooms with just the perfect selection of « iconic » American paintings … Read More

The Tudors, a real fashion show

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I have to admit it, I plunged back into Rebecca Fraser’s « A People’s History of Britain » (Chatto and Windus) in order to understand the dates and filiations of the Tudors. At a time when Shakespeare’s « Henry VI » (the play on the French and English king is directed by Thomas Jolly) is a hit at Ateliers Berthier in two 9 … Read More