French Sculpture in America, a data base and now a book

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Laure de Margerie is a long distance runner. For the past twenty years she has been researching the presence of French sculpture in the US which resulted in a database of 14 051 sculptures by 1047 artist in 612 locations, from 1500 to 1950, and she has just recently published a book in both languages, with 444 pictures based on … Read More

Two young art curators are awarded the Prix Michel Laclotte

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She is 30 and he is 36, Giulia Longo curator at Musée Anne de Beaujeu in Moulins, and Lionel Arsac, curator of sculptures at Versailles both received the second Prix Michel Laclotte, dedicated to young curators at the beginning of their career. Introduced by Geneviève Bresc-Gaultier, who talked about working with Michel Laclotte (1929-2021) at the Louvre when he was … Read More

Here and there, fun moments of the week

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I could not be at musée d’Orsay to see the only representation of  “Une femme peut en cacher une autre” ( a woman can hide another) but numerous friends told me how charming it was and I therefore read the text “Manet, Degas,  Une femme peut en cacher une autre” published by Samsa/UPT, which is of great interest. The authors, … Read More

A poetic conversation at Librairie Gallimard

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It was a fascinating literary conversation that took place at Librairie Gallimard between the Franco Lebanese poet Nayla Chidiac  and the Franco British Sir Michael Edwards, the first Britannic member of the Académie Française. At 85, he is revered as a translator, a teacher and a poet. She is thirty years younger and a brilliant psychologist, specialized in traumas, who was … Read More

Stéphanie des Horts makes us laugh and dream again

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For her twelfth novel, and the most entertaining for me,  Stéphanie des Horts uses the same ingredients which make her writing irresistible: a lot of love affairs, a very bright heroine who attracts sexy men, and this time, the world of  British spies during the late 30’s and WWII. Her latest book “Cynthia” tells the story of Betty Pack, an … Read More

At Musée Guimet, medicine comes from India, China and Tibet

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Once again, Yannick Lintz, the unique President of Musée Guimet, surprised us in shocking pink with orange training shoes. She insisted in her presentation of the new exhibition “Médecines d’Asie” (Medicine from Asia), on her wish to attract everyone into the museum, not just people who like Asian art. For a new visiting experience, the scenography for this beautiful and … Read More

Happy May Day and long live Brad Pitt

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On May 1, our Labour Day, the whole of France sells or picks Lily of the valley. So if you don’t have any in your garden here is a little bouquet for you. May its divine perfume stay with you all year! and to amuse you on this holiday, read the new biography which Frédéric Mitterrand, the former culture minister … Read More