“Madame Elisabeth”, a lovely summer read

It’s nice from time to time to read a good historical novel that you cannot put down ! and this is the case with « La sœur du Roi », a love story of Elisabeth, youngest sister of Louis XVI th,  written by Alexandra de Broca, a screenwriter and widow of Philippe de Broca, one of France’s major film directors.

Jacques de Bascher, a truly naughty boy

For anyone who lived through the “Années Palace” in Paris between 1979 and 1982, the biography of Jacques de Bascher written by Libération journalist Marie Ottavi, is a fascinating flash back into the years of insouciance before Aids hit the night scene. This enfant terrible who was Karl Lagerfeld’s great love, zoomed through life with charm and drama and took … Read More

Charles Kaiser, in translation

Eighteen months after the US publication of his major biography of the Boulloche family, “The Cost of Courage“, Charles Kaiser was in Paris for the book signing of the French translation, “Le Prix du Courage” published by Le Seuil. And it was incredibly moving to see the descendants of heroic resistants celebrate an American writer who helped them remember.

Texas architect Frank Welch has left us

The Dean of Texas architecture, Frank Welch, has died at 90 last Friday, June 23. He was the author of two books, « On becoming an architect » that he published two years ago, and another on « Philip Johnson in Texas » in 2000, whom he admired. I will remember him as a true Gentleman who loved Paris and France, good life and … Read More

Le Lude, a modern days fairy tale castle and now a book!

When I was a little girl, my mother used to drive me to the « Sons et lumière » of Château du Lude, a fairy tale castle in the Sarthe, between le Mans and Tours. We always stopped at Malicorne, a faïence manufacture where we watched artists paint tea cups and plates by hand. At the time, Pia d’Orléans Bragance, Comtesse de … Read More

Lorient Celtic festival at the British Embassy

Lord Llewellyn, British ambassador to France, seemed very happy during the reception he gave at his residence of Faubourg Saint Honoré, to celebrate Scotland as the official guest of Festival Interceltique de Lorient, the largest Celt celebration in the world, which takes place every year at the beginnning of August, in Brittany.

Germaine de Staël at full steam

Thanks to my friend Christian de Pange who is a direct descendant of Madame de Staël through her daughter Albertine de Broglie, I could virtually visit the Fondation Martin Bodmer’s exhibition in Geneva. If you are not familiar with this beautiful museum set in Cologny on the lake, just imagine the greatest collection of 160 000 manuscripts, letters and old books … Read More

“Etiquette at Versailles” by Daria Galateria

A specialist of Marcel Proust and 17 th century French litterature, Daria Galateria has always followed the French scene for Italian newspapers and her Sapienza university students. She shares her life between Saint German des Près in Paris, the Pantheon in central Rome and the city of Trappani where she writes and swims on the islands of Southern Sicily. Her … Read More