Musée Guimet and its women ceramists are a winner

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The title of the new exhibition at Musée Guimet is strange, “Touch Fire, Women ceramists in Japan”,  but the result is wonderful and even if I don’t agree on today’s constant attitude of singularizing women artists over men, the story behind the show is interesting. It is putting forward three generations of women ceramists, who were at last allowed to … Read More

Fondation A.R.CA.D celebrates its 15 th anniversary with great news

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It’s always fascinating to meet brilliant oncologists who are uniquely modest and the celebration of the 15 th anniversary  of the A.R.CA.D Foundation for digestive cancers at Cercle Interallié, was a great moment of scientific excitement and family spirit. The President founder, Professeur Aimery de Gramont, was surrounded by his disciples who have all become successful researchers themselves. With Mariella … Read More

Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès reveals its talents in Pantin

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It’s always a huge effort to go to Pantin, a suburb north of Paris where Chanel and Puiforcat have their factories but also, and this is the reward, is an area where much contemporary art is taking place. On the ground floor of Magasins Généraux,  Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès is showing the result of 10 years of artists’ residence in its different manufactures … Read More

In Compiègne, speed takes many faces

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Two years ago, Rodolphe Rapetti, director of Château de Compiègne, had impressed us with a fabulous car show “Concept car-Pure Beauty” consisting of models with the most brilliant designs, which had invaded the first floor salons and everyone, young and old, enjoyed it. This week, a new exhibition called “Vitesse“, (Speed) is opening with a wide range of vehicles from … Read More

Rattan is the new chic, by Lulu Lytle

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Rattan (rotin in French) has a double quality: it was always used in royal and grand colonial decors and is therefore very chic, and it is handmade by craftsmen of what the French call “Les Métiers d’Art”, so very much in fashion at the moment. It is therefore not a coïncidence if Lulu Lytle, author of the book published by … Read More