Easter is chocolate time!

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Sales of chocolate are so important for Easter in France that chocolate shops have been called “essential shops” like hairdressers and bookstores in the new lockdown law. I just read in Guide Lebey‘s newsletter, the guide of food and drinks which is sent out on Fridays, about a young chocolate creator, L’Instant Cacao at 3 rue des Petits Champs. The … Read More

Spring has arrived at Naïla de Monbrison

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Naïla de Montbrison has been exhibiting artists’ jewelry since 1987 and her enthusiasm and the youthful style of her pieces are unchanged. This new exhibition  of six artists can be seen by appointment: it is full of spring colors and vegetal influences. The Greek sculptor Corinna Coutouzi, Delphine Nardin, Violaine Febvret, Hong Kong based Rose Morant, Swiss artist Gilles Jonemann, … Read More

The Bic ballpoint pen gets dressed up by Pinel & Pinel

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I love coincidences and little daily happenings. I was trying out a new hairdresser highly recommended by my former one and as you do with hairdressers, we chatted for two hours non stop. And while Soad was telling me about her twin daughters, who sound like they are true characters, she described their apprenticeship in leather goods manufacturing companies. One … Read More

Pierre Cardin is honored at la Madeleine

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The mass for Pierre Cardin (who died on December 29) at Eglise de la Madeleine, was a moving moment of intelligence and wit. The three speakers, two Academicians and Père Bruno Horaist, curé de la Madeleine, spoke with humor and from their heart, with no pomp and no exaggerated eulogism. There was no starization of the event (photographers are not … Read More

The inauguration, a sunny colorful moment

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I don’t know if you noticed but after a spell of snow, the sun came out shining as soon as President Biden started speaking. It was a good omen and the Inauguration as seen from Paris at cocktail hour (we celebrated with champagne) was a very happy moment. Jill Biden‘s couture blue mask matching her elegant coat and dress ensemble … Read More

Last minute presents

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Going shopping for Christmas can be fun and I loved my little time spent at Marie Hélène de Taillac‘s shop on rue de Tournon. It is all blue and red and her sister Gabrielle, who beautifully edited the book on her jewelry, could not have been more patient and charming as is Philippe, the director of sales. Sealed drawers magically … Read More

And another Christmas table by Fabienne de Seze

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Fabienne de Seze is the good friend without whom you cannot live. Her profession is to organise weddings and balls but she used to work for Musée des Arts Décoratifs for many years, and created their wonderful shop which is still the best place to find presents in Paris. You can ask her any question, she will solve your problem. … Read More