Gabrielle Chanel at Galliera, a stark approach to fashion

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I was incredibly lucky to be asked by Pierre Provoyeur, former director of the museum of fashion at MAD, to the opening of “Gabrielle Chanel, Manifeste de Mode“, the exhibition which inaugurates the new Chanel galleries at Palais Galliera. Olivier Saillard, the artistic director of the show who instigated this partnership with the Couture house a few years ago, started … Read More

Deconfining and lovely pleasures ahead!

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Christian Louboutin‘s exhibit at Palais de la Porte Dorée could be your first museum visit starting on June 16 th! It is so inventive and artistic that even if you hate shoes, you will love this show…and do not miss Stéphane Bern’s performance on television in the English room. Versailles is reopening again and if the weather gets better the … Read More

In Moulins, the Center for stage costume is open and fun!

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Since all operas and theaters are closed, the Center for Stage costume in Moulins (Centre de costume de scène) seems the closest way to being in a theatre again (until November)… This very special “vault of fashion” opened by Martine Kahane and Christian Lacroix in July 2006, keeps 20 000 costumes which belong to the Paris Opera, the Comédie Française … Read More

An exclusive sale for women with taste

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Since she opened Juste Mauve on rue Greuze in 1973, Anne Marie de Ganay has always surprised me with her eccentric and refined taste. Born in a French aristocratic family with Argentinian connections, she was raised in English and was nicknamed “How do you say begonia in French” (it’s the same word) when she was a debutante. She has closed … Read More

The day and the week after… “deconfinement”

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The minute I stepped outside my house without an “Attestation de déplacement provisoire ” (authorization to walk on the street…) on May 12 th, I found new wonderful events taking place in the area. On place de la Madeleine, Mettez, the Austrian hunting shop, opened new luxurious premises which reminded me of the first Ralph Lauren shops on Madison Avenue, … Read More

“The Chiffon Trenches”, a fashion testimony with wit

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“My mother loved clothes, though I am not sure she ever fully loved me” says André Leon Talley halfway through his amazing book “The Chiffon Trenches”, the history of the fashion world between Andy Warhol’s “Interview” magazine and today’s “Vogue”. This well known figure of the first rows of fashion shows, is African American and was raised in Durham, North … Read More

Harper’s Bazaar is celebrated at MAD

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Vogue magazine was predominant in 20 th century fashion magazines but it was only founded in 1892 and it acquired its fame and power thanks to Condé Nast who bought it in 1909. I learnt in this new exhibition at MAD (Musée des Arts Décoratifs), “Harper’s Bazaar, First in Fashion” that its long time competitor had been started 152 years … Read More