Driving North into Flanders

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After my successful tour of Brittany I decided to join a friend in Abbeville and explore the multiple museums of the north. Lille is well known for its Arts Museum and diverse peripheral curiosities like Robert Mallet Stevens’ Villa Cavrois,  La Piscine in Roubaix and Villeneuve d’Ascq’s Museum of Modern Art. But I have a weakness for Cassel, a little … Read More

Wandering around precious Brittany

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There is nothing I love more than getting into my small car and driving around France, stopping over at dear friend’s houses. The Bottin Mondain (social register) started a new addition of castles listed by area, and it would be tempting to just try and tour France according to this list but I have not dared it yet. I just … Read More

Louis Benech, the garden magician

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I have been meeting gardener Louis Benech at the butcher recently, since we live at equidistance of the shop and he was so busy with new projects and a new book, that I thought it would be fun to catch up on his career. There is not a country in the western world where he has not had an interesting … Read More

More confinement, six weeks later

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When I wrote last week that I did not understand why there were no dogwoods in France, one of you, faithful reader, sent me a picture of hers from Genthod, near Geneva. And her “Cornus Cherokee” is pink, the Cornus Nuttalli is white. What luxury! I am thrilled by your inventive ideas and delighted to find more and more shops … Read More

Confinement around the world

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You have been many to send me your confinement pictures. Thanks. Here are some of the most  beautiful. Suddenly, we all discover magical worlds in the countryside or in town. The great advantage of course, is that spring, the nicest season of all, has definitely settled in with temperatures of 25° in Paris. Of course it is fall in Australia, … Read More