An ideal outdoor cantina and a nostalgic show at the Saint Laurent museum

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“Stockholm” dress, Yves Saint Laurent for Christian Dior, spring summer 1959

I went to see the new Yves Saint Laurent show on “Shapes” which reminded me of the glorious years when anyone could buy a Saint Laurent ready-to-wear outfit because they were cheap. The premises of the Foundation, decorated by Jacques Grange, are elegant and simple but not functional. The rooms are small and on three levels. The whole space will soon be reworked and enlarged as to enable bigger shows. The outfits are punctuated by ceramic installations by German artist Claudia Wieser which look very pretty in the couture rooms. The scenography is as always impeccable. I was particularly moved to see a 1959 dress from his Christian Dior years. It was already as modern as his 1968 dresses with a large belt and perfect cut. And his very special association of colors (purple and green, pink and red) is spectacular. After visiting the show, you can climb upstairs to see the master’s studio and watch an interesting documentary on his professional life.

Dress from a formal ensemble, Couture Autumn Winter 1966, Day Dress, Autumn Winter 1984, Evening dress, Couture Autumn Winter 1979

After this short and not very strenuous visit, I had a lovely lunch with a dear friend in the gardens of the Palais Galliera. The restaurant called “Les Petites Mains” is a simple place with charming waiters and average food. We had a good gaspacho and a bad gnocchi, with quite a mediocre tarte aux agrumes (lemon industrial tart). But the tables in the fresh air under a light awning were delightful and the clients are young and enthusiastic since the bill is not too high (lunch menu at 26€ and 35€). Dinner is probably very nice with good cocktails (at 16€) and a special entrecôte de boeuf with artichoke purée. Besides the menu you can have chicken or tuna for  lunch and grilled cauliflower which seems to be the new fashion everywhere.

Les Petites Mains at Galliera are delightfully cool for the summer

You can of course go afterwards to Palais Galliera and visit the new show of fashion autochromes from 1921 or cross the street for Museum of Modern Art, which is free, and periodically rehangs its collections. Palais de Tokyo also has trendy contemporary installations. In an area, the 16 th, where the only cheap restaurant is the fantastic bistrot Les Marches, down below, Les Petites Mains is a lovely initiative. The same team runs the restaurant Fabula at Musée Carnavalet, in the courtyard. Of course when it rains it becomes less pleasant…

The gaspacho was very good and the atmosphere is charming

Musée Yves Saint Laurent, 5 avenue Marceau and “Les Petites Mains“, avenue du président Wilson.

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3 Comments on “An ideal outdoor cantina and a nostalgic show at the Saint Laurent museum”

  1. Merci chère Laure, guide bien documentée sur nos années Saint Laurent ! Très belle exposition aussi « Transparences Yves Saint Laurent » a la Cité de la Mode et de la Dentelle de Calais qui nous embarque elle aussi dans le train de la nostalgie. Mais un bain dans la manche sur cette magnifique plage de Calais à tôt fait de nous éclaircir les idées. Bonnes vacances Laure !

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