Spectre, a 007 film that makes you happy!

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The best moment of the week in Paris has been going to see Spectre, the new James Bond movie with Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux and Monica Belluci. It is a long film, 2h 28 mms, and it takes you around the world, from Mexico City to London , Rome, the Austrian Alps, Tangiers and the Moroccan desert. The best entertainment … Read More

Beautiful Families….

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This film is a true family business in many ways, since director Jean Paul Rappeneau has directed the film with two of his sons. Julien as co-script writer and Martin as music composer. And the film, a classical French family story with notaries, inheritance, a lost house, and a second “wife” with a beautiful daughter, is a real success !

“Dheepan” does not let us down

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When I read that « Dheepan », a film with unknown Sri Lankan actors, had won the Palme d’Or in Cannes last May, I must admit I had some doubts. This year’s jury probably wanted to be politically correct again ! But my incontrollable curiosity led me to the cinema, on opening day in Paris and I was happily surprised. The film is … Read More

Jean Rochefort, in full form at 85

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« Floride » is a strange title for a film on the topic of Alzheimer : in director Philippe Le Guay’s film, the word symbolizes the dream of a father to visit his daughter, who died eight years ago and lived in Miami. The story is charming, absurd, moving, funny and dark at the same time, but the main interest … Read More

Woody does it again

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In his new film ” The Irrational Man”, Woody Allen surprises us once more with the subtle violence he creates and the questioning of young girl/old man relationship. At 79, he has written yet another intimate movie, sharing parts of his own life on screen. This time in New England.

“Monk with a camera”

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Nicholas Vreeland was born in Geneva, where his father was a diplomat and the first time he heard of Tibet was while reading « Tintin au Tibet », a comic book widely read in French speaking countries. His first holidays as a baby, were in Portofino, a very jet set Italian resort. His grandmother was Diana Vreeland, the editor of American Vogue … Read More

Divorced at 10!

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Sheikha Prohaska-Alatas and Khadija Al Salami met in Paris fifteen years ago. And it feels like the film, directed by the Yemenite documentary director, is the result of this long friendship. « I am Nojoom, age 10 and divorced » won the first Prize at the Dubaï film festival on December 16, 2014. It is based on a book published … Read More

Irv Yalom, a psychotherapist, a writer and now an actor

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It is incredibly brave to direct a documentary on a psychotherapist and this is what the Swiss director Sabine Gisiger,  spent the last four years doing, after reading most of Irv Yalom’s books, including “Love’s Executioner” which was translated into 30 languages. The result, “Yalom’s cure” is a fascinating 72 mn interview of the great American psychotherapist and novelist, featuring … Read More