Huang Yong Ping is MONUMENTA at Grand Palais

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Everything is out of norm at the Grand Palais for this new edition of MONUMENTA devoted to Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping who lives in the Paris suburbs of Ivry sur Seine. « Empires », as the show is called, is a political work of art on globalisation , taking Napoléon’s battle of Eylau as a starting point. The Emperor’s … Read More

Chaumont sur Loire, the castle and nothing else

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  Chaumont sur Loire is a beautiful little village overlooking the Loire, not far from Chambord and Blois. Every year, an International Festival of gardens is organised in the park of the castle. And evey year I go. But for the first time, I was totally disenchanted by the festival which shows no new idea and no good design with … Read More

Marie Darrieussecq and her new German friend

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It’s always moving to discover a new artist who has been dead for over a hundred years. Paula Modersohn-Becker, was born in 1876 in Germany, lived in Bremen and Berlin, but spent a lot of time studying art in Paris. She died at 31 and is mostly collected in Germany. This is the reason why her first exhibition in France, … Read More