Hubert Robert intimate

Before going to the Louvre to see the new « Hubert Robert, a visionary painter » exhibition organised with the National Gallery of art in Washington, I had always thought he was a classical and fairly tedious 18 th century painter. But after seeing the 140 works which have come from all around the world, I am totally fascinated and … Read More

“Listen with your eyes” by Jean-Hubert Martin

« Carambolages », one of the most awaited exhibitions of the year at Grand Palais, is as extravagant and intelligent as its curator wanted it to be, and will probably create a certain amount of controversy. Its title means crashes in French and it was inaugurated on February 29 th! Jean-Hubert Martin, director of Centre Pompidou from 1987 to 1990 and … Read More

Another French gallery in Brussels!

Spending a week end in Brussels is always great fun especially when you go for a dear friend’s birthday party. And there are enough contemporary art galleries to fill a long afternoon.

From caricature to poster

When Mucha and Toulouse Lautrec stopped creating images for the walls of Paris, caricaturists and press cartoonists took over and started working for advertising. Among them SEM, the social caricaturist, whose ink drawings line the staircase of the Jockey club in Paris, Leonetto Cappiello (the best artist represented here) or Auguste Roubille. All the posters exhibited belong to the Musée … Read More

Tony Cragg, the ultimate sculptor

I speak so often of Thaddaeus Ropac’s Pantin gallery in this diary, that you are going to think he has bewitched me. Well, it is almost the case since every time I go (and this time I even went the week before by mistake) to an opening there, I come back happy !

At Quai Branly, a world of objects with a human feel

Musée du Quai Branly, the future Musée Jacques Chirac, always surprises us and this time, the exhibition, « Persona, Etrangement humain » which hightlights objects from old civilisations up to contemporary robots, is both riveting and disconcerting.

Mallet-Stevens illuminates Villa Cavrois

It is a long and grim drive from Paris to Lille on the Autoroute du Nord which also leads to Brussels and Calais. But if you are travelling with two very dear friends, an architect from Boston, and the daughter of the leading Texas architect Frank Welch, it is much more fun.

Versailles in Arras, the great surprise!

Everything was a huge surprise in the city of Arras where I went after having  heard of the exhibition « Arras vous fait la cour » (Arras courts you ) of 100 chefs d’œuvres lent by Versailles. As always, it is hard to lead Parisians to the French provinces and the two hour drive to this northern city of Picardie … Read More