The Faubourg Saint Honoré is the hip street to visit…

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Collin Sekajugo, “Stock Image 30- Blue Evening 2022” at Nathalie Obadia, photo Aurélien Mole

Faubourg Saint Honoré has definitely become more hip these days with contemporary art galleries joining Talabardon et Gautier and Galerie de la Présidence, Sotheby’s and the Canadian Cultural center. The flower shop Lachaume which moved from rue Royale some years ago has even become good again and Nathalie Obadia opened a new show of Collin Sekajugo,  an artist from Uganda and Rwanda. He reminded me of these fabulous street African photographers exhibited by Magnin-A.

Stock image 33 “we are happy, 2022, at Galerie Obadia

The exhibition is called “We come in Peace” and includes 20 paintings made of acrylic, fabric, wax  and bark. Discovered at the 2022 Venice Biennale in the Ugandan pavilion, Collin Sekajugo was born in 1980 and works on, the cultural identity of individuals. The show features people from Oman, Mauritius, Pakistan Comoros, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Collin Sekajugo Stock image 39-“See you soon” and Stock image 38-“The Collector” 2022

The gallery is a superb space and is at 91 faubourg Saint Honoré. (Until March 4)

A little further after the Elysée palace and across the street form the US and GB embassy, is a lovely little shop which sells Venitian slippers and baby tweed. I you are in a shopping mood, these items will not ruin you and will make your day. Capulette

Tweed baby slippers at 55€ at Capulette

is having sales at the moment on line and in the shop at 2 rue d’Aguesseau.

Friulane in velvet from Venice at 70€ at Capulette

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