Fondation pour la Vocation, a generous boosting prize

Fondation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet has been awarding the Prix de la Vocation for 59 years to young adults who are finishing their studies or just starting a career. Philippe Petit, “The Man on wire”, conductor Laurence Equilbey, photographer Olivier Grunewald, novelist Joël Dicker were all laureates at the start of their brilliant career. And the emotion was shared by the 800 … Read More

Tapestry, needle work, petit point, a last minute present

I remember spending long holiday evenings when I was a teen ager, creating cushions in tapestry. It was a nice way of listening to the grown ups’ conversations and keeping my hands busy. This easy art is still a passion for many and there is a unique and refined little shop, Tapisserie de France, between Opera and the Louvre, where … Read More

Jean-Jacques Lequeu, a doomed XVIII th century architect

Petit Palais has accustomed us to big surprises but this new show of drawings by Jean-Jacques Lequeu is so astonishing that it almost eclipses the main show of Khnopff on the first floor. 150 drawings chosen among the 800 that he bequeathed to the Bibliothèque Royale just before his death in 1826, are exhibited here with a variety of themes. … Read More

Free exhibitions and expensive shopping in the Seventh

With Christmas getting dangerously closer, my steps led me to rue du Bac and rue de Sèvres where two small exhibitions are quite enchanting. While doing your shopping at Hermès, at Laurence Tavernier (for nightgowns) or at “38” rue de l’Université for South African and Mexican artifacts,  make sure to step into Fondation EDF next to the Récamier restaurant to … Read More

Obsidian stones are volcanic at Pierre-Alain Challier

It’s a good idea for the Christmas season to have commissioned mirrors and jewelry from famous French artists. And this is exactly what Pierre-Alain Challier, the charming galerist from the Marais, has conceived with Anne and Patrick Poirier, designer Mattia Bonetti, Jean Michel Othoniel, Hubert Le Gall and more terrific designers… The result is a fun show on two floors … Read More

Tadao Ando, Tomas Saraceno and “Marxito”

What do Japanese architect Tadao Ando, Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno and French chef Thierry Marx have in common? They draw young urban art lovers in masses. And it is a duplicated pleasure to see how 25-30 years old crowd the Pompidou center, the Palais de Tokyo and restaurant “Marxito” on rue Jean Mermoz, with their energy, their red lipstick and … Read More

Fondation Bettencourt for intelligence of the hand

Every year, Fondation Bettencourt Schueller awards its prizes for “Intelligence of the hand“, one of the most original awards for artisans and this year again, I was flabbergasted at the range of laureates. The Manufacture of tapestries of Aubusson, a feather worker JulienVermeulen and three designers Mona Oren, JérômeMalbren and Lionel Bourcelot won in three different categories for their talent … Read More