The lockdown is over, so what’s new?

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More dogwood pictures are being sent to me, I realize how ignorant I was about their growing presence in France! I am told there is even one in the Jardins du Luxembourg next to the Statue of Liberty… And since it is the full season, don’t miss them, the gardens of Paris have just reopened. The saddest news of the … Read More

The day and the week after… “deconfinement”

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The minute I stepped outside my house without an “Attestation de déplacement provisoire ” (authorization to walk on the street…) on May 12 th, I found new wonderful events taking place in the area. On place de la Madeleine, Mettez, the Austrian hunting shop, opened new luxurious premises which reminded me of the first Ralph Lauren shops on Madison Avenue, … Read More

“Deconfinement” and new habits

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After Germany and Italy, and 55 days later, France is “deconfining” this week and this means that we better stay home, not use the public transports, not send our children to school, and shop shop shop so as to restore the economy. A friend of mine, a great art historian, who’s never stepped foot in her kitchen, bought a Magimix … Read More

Shoulder of lamb stew by Denise Dubois

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Denise Dubois was born in Brittany just under the nose, in Crozon. Her grand mother taught her how to cook and how to live in this wild part of France where the wind reigns. Fish is of course the great specialty in this fishing community near Camaret, but for Easter, lamb prevails, and this recipe of stewed shoulder of lamb … Read More

Happy Easter, wherever you are!

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Chocolate Easter eggs will be rare this year but you can still celebrate with real eggs, which you paint and have the children run around looking for them in the garden! Easter is next Sunday.  

My daily confinement

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Since the beginning of the week, I have been watching the chestnut trees burgeoning. It is an unequaled pleasure. Prisoners always mention that they loose track of time. This has happened to me of course and I mix days since I have no appointments. I keep a routine of listening to France Culture and France Musique radio stations which have … Read More