Empreintes celebrates craftworkers in the Marais

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As you know, I love spending a few hours wandering in the Marais and visiting the galleries I know but also discovering new shops every time. I ventured into Empreintes a design space located at 5 rue de Picardie, which opened a few years ago. On the ground floor little presents, earrings, ceramics, seem pleasant enough but nothing extra-ordinary. Once … Read More

Young artists show at l’Institut de France

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Pavillon Comtesse de Caen is this little gallery within the Institut de France (Académie Française) on the right side of the building. It often has charming exhibitions of laureates or memorable ers of teh Academy, which are free and at the moment (until March 21), eleven alumni from the prestigious French Academy in Madrid (Casa de Velazquez), show their work … Read More

For Valentine a few happy images and a sculpture walk

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This year Valentine is on a Sunday but you can spend the whole week celebrating. It’s the time to be inventive and to create your own beauty with little details of your life. Not everyone is as talented as Marie Noël de Gary who always seems to manage beautiful “tableaux” with the few flowers or accessories she keeps at home. … Read More

Radish tops make great soup too!

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I love radishes pink or black, round or long, for their crusty bite and their bitter taste. And also for the bread and butter that you need to eat with them! But I am always sad to throw away the tops (fane in French) especially when they are fresh and pretty. So last night I decided to boil them with a … Read More

Happy New Year 2021

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First let me thank you for all the messages that you sent over the phone, by email and post, mentioning Tuesday morning as being very special in your lives. This is the 6 th anniversary of Parisdiary which started on January 20, 2015!  YOU make me happy when you read it and I feel that I have fulfilled my desire … Read More

The people of the year in my heart

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So many happy events were cancelled and so many travelling plans deferred that we rejoice at those that effectively took place like Guillaume and Louise’s wedding in Lubéron last July. Although the marvelous artist Christo left us last May and John le Carré this December there were many good news especially in publishing.

The best views from my window

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When I look back at the Year 2020, which has been such a disaster for so many people, I find some beautiful images of the marvels of our world which I wanted to share with you for future travels. Not everything was negative, we learned to rediscover little moments of daily life like discussing with the cheese monger or seeing … Read More