RadioEat, great food and classical music

Every time I step foot at Radio France, the large 1960’s building near the Eiffel Tower where public radio stations and their auditoriums are housed, I feel a slight emotion from the twenty years I spent working at France Culture with Jean Lebrun. And this was a particularly fun lunch shared with former colleague Marc Voinchet, now super successful director … Read More

There is always something going on at Petit Palais

The fabulous exhibition of “Les Hollandais à Paris” is ending next week with record numbers of visitors and as an intermission show, Christophe Leribault, director of le Petit Palais, is showing photographs by young artists in residence who have recorded renovations in the museum and at the Grand Palais. It is fun to see contemporary works in this very 19 … Read More

Lunch at Le George, what fun!

Italians are aways the best fun, so when I found myself invited for lunch by a young director of communication from Milan, Ginevra Boralevi, with her best friend Allegra de Maigret and the super Italian chef Simone Zanoni at the one star restaurant Le George, I was in heaven. We had the best table under the veranda (not outside because … Read More

Joyeux, there are many reasons to love this place!

Yann Bucaille Lanrezac is a dreamer. But before dreaming, he became a successful businessman in Brittany and in 2012, he bought a catamaran named Ephata. He used it to take autistic children and/or with drown syndrome for a day’s sail. Six thousand so far have been on the boat. One day, a young woman told him: “I don’t need a … Read More

A restaurant for the show near Parc Monceau

We did not have a reservation for lunch and when we arrived at Le Camondo, the very pretty restaurant designed in the former carriage house of the eponymous Museum,  there was not much effort made to accommodate us. We sat at the bar and had a glass of wine, finally ordered some food and watched the crowds of office-people-who-want-to-have-a-leisurely-lunch walk … Read More

Lafayette Anticipations, a new meeting place in the Marais

  The concept store Colette closed last December, a new artists’s store is born in the Marais : « A Rebours » inspired by Joris Karl Huysmans’ famous novel (Against the grain), a novelty store which is the tip of the icebeerg of the new Lafayette Anticipations Foundation. You will not find an art collection there but a building enlarged and renovated by … Read More

Quinsou, a gastronomical treat

The news of the evening was that black truffles had arrived! But we resisted since it was a bit early in the season. At Quinsou (pronounce Kinsu), the name for little bird or passereau in occitan, chef Antonin Bonnet reigns over a small and under decorated room, with two lovely smiling waiter (waitress) and a fabulous menu accompanied by organic wines.

Aux Vieux Garçons, a cosy lunch place…

The corner of Bd Raspail, rue du Bac and Bd St German is a pretty fancy part of the city and it is therefore a miracle to find there a good earthy French restaurant where you will always be surprised by the quality of products. Three friends including a Basque chef, Maxime Pettré, run this real bistrot called Aux Vieux … Read More