Loulou, trendy but disappointing

Loulou is the restaurant of the moment, it opened last May at Musée des Arts Décoratifs, and when I went for lunch, I ran into a few people who worked in media and design. Until the end of September, its white canopy is set in the Tuileries gardens and it offers a last moment of vacation in the center of … Read More

Sicily, land of contrasts

Spending a week in Borgo Bonsignore, in Southern Sicily, is like traveling through time and history: never had I encountered such contrasts as this year, on my third trip to Casa Platani.

The Ritz Hotel … not quite the same

Paris is full of extremes even on Place Vendôme and before trying out the mood of the new Ritz Hotel, I decided to have a sandwich at the best place in Paris, Le Petit Vendôme, a well known address of the young crowds, including my niece Océane who works in the hotel and food business.

La Belle Epoque, a great lunch place

When fashion writer Natasha Fraser Cavassoni first mentioned its opening, she told me it was the meeting place for all the models and designers, and Natasha being the trendiest person I know in Paris, I believed her. But it still took me a little while to go and check La Belle Epoque, a lovely bistrot with a 1900 decor of … Read More

The place to be in… ARCACHON

I met Laetitia Natali when she was a little girl refusing to play golf, then studying law at Assas university and refusing to become a lawyer. And later, blooming in the hard and demanding work of an apprentice chef. I had lunch at Hotel Vendôme where she was in charge of desserts and then at her restaurant in Pigalle, where … Read More

Rungis, a (food) world to itself

The hardest thing about visiting the wholesale market of Rungis is to get up at 3.30 am in order to see the fish market « La Marée », before it closes at 5 am. Stéphane Layani, the flamboyant President of this huge 500 acre large market, is a fascinating character who remembers you first name!

Fables de la Fontaine, a real delight

I was so surprised to get a table one day ahead at Les Fables de la Fontaine, which is constantly full, that I did not immediately realize the reason for it:   it is located right in the Football fan zone of the Champ de Mars, which is totally closed to traffic for the period of the “Euro”. So it … Read More

Champeaux, the new soufflé place in Les Halles

Paris is so drepressing at the moment with the high waters and the constant transport strikes that it was a blessing to find a delicious soufflé for lunch at the Halles where I went to see the new canopy. Champeaux, a « Ducasse » restaurant opened by Olivier Maurey who founded Ludéric and the Mini Palais, looks like an office … Read More