Marzo, chic pizzas with extra charm

It was a divine surprise to end a busy evening at Musée Maillol, and step into Marzo, the pizzeria recommended by my faithful Florentine friends on rue Paul-Louis Courrier. I saw there the slightly disappointing Paul Rosenberg exhibition, « 21 rue la Boétie », based on Anne Sinclair’s biography of her grand father, the genius art dealer.  There are some fabulous paintings by … Read More

La Régalade a win-win restaurant

When someone used to ask me for a cozy no fuss restaurant to go to, I would say la Rôtisserie near the Tour d’Argent and I knew I would get many thanks the next day. Since the owner redecorated the restaurant and changed the staff, it has become very disappointing, noisy, trendy, irritating although the food is still good. But … Read More

Valentine’s Day at the Châtelet with “Fantasio”

It was a fun occasion to discover the last works of restoration at Opéra Comique (which is reopening at the end of April) while tasting the raspberry love cake called « Favart » after the theatre’s founder’s name. Created by Le Nôtre to celebrate Valentine’s day and the new production of “Fantasio” by Offenbach, the cake will be served with … Read More

Divellec, luxury food at its trendiest

New Year is arriving fast and it is the season to celebrate in a lavish way… Divellec, which was made famous twenty years ago when the first picture of François Mitterrand having lunch with his (illegitimate) daughter Mazarine was published in Paris Match, has reopened three months ago with a young chef and a doubled space. It is extremely pretty … Read More

At Pramil, a true French meal

My brother had tipped me on this little restaurant called Pramil, near Arts et métiers, and for some reason, I thought it was an Indian fusion food place. Well not at all : the name is deceiving and comes from a very well known family from the Lot near Sarlat. The chef Alain Pramil who used to teach physics, has … Read More

A dream trip to Mesopotamia thanks to Louvre Lens

You must be wondering why I so often want to send you to Lens, a mining town two hours north of Paris ? The antenna of the Louvre which opened there four years ago (on December 4, 2012) offers the most lively and beautifully set exhibitions and it is a precious experience to move through the SANAA designed glass building. … Read More

Le Boudoir, a festival of pâtés

Laurence Castaing, a wonderful purveyor of foie gras from the Landes, had delivered a large foie gras for me at Le Boudoir, very near the Champs Elysées and when I went to pick it up, I met the young chef, Arnaud Nicolas, who gave me the best of impressions. This is how I decided to go back for dinner with … Read More

Marie Obegi, an artist to watch

It’s always a little bit nerve racking to discover the work of someone you know. What if you hate it and can’t find the words to remain polite and flatter the artist? Well I had no problem this time, congratulating Marie Obegi, a young Lebanese French artist, who works in New York and was opening her first Paris exhibition at … Read More