Giorgio de Chirico at Museum of Modern Art, MAM

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I was very frustrated to enter the Museum of Modern art of the city of Paris and to be told that no, the Victor Brauner exhibition was not opening until September 18… So I went in anyway, to walk around the permanent collection (which is free) and I had a wonderful surprise. The Giorgio de Chirico room with  eight or … Read More

At Louvre Lens, Black is the winning color

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The Louvre Lens is a place I try to visit every year and their program of exhibitions is rich enough to justify the 2 hour and a half drive from Paris (1.30 on the train). Their new show is devoted to “Black Suns, from Egypt to Soulages” and its diversity is very exciting. I was almost alone at 10.30 and … Read More

What’s new this week? a new government…

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I was quietly having a bath listening to the news that we had a new prime minister when suddenly workers in orange garb started moving around a crate, and a large glass window was lowered on the building under construction… there is never a moment of peace in our world. Prime minister Edouard Philippe, who was loved by 60 % … Read More

Musée d’Orsay resurrects with James Tissot

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It was so exciting to be able to return to Musée d’Orsay that people in the short queue at 9.30 am last Tuesday could not stop smiling. And the occasion was definitely worth it with the “James Tissot, Ambiguous modernity” long awaited exhibition (it was due to open on March 24).  There are many paintings of the Thames that you … Read More

Christo is alive at Centre Pompidou

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It was especially moving to visit the new Christo and Jeanne Claude exhibition curated by Sophie Duplaix at Centre Pompidou in the presence of his nephew Vladimir Yavachev, operation manager of the Arc de Triomphe project, and old friends from the Pont Neuf project in 1985. The show was due to open in March, when the American artist was still … Read More

Double bill at Templon Paris and Brussels

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Daniel Templon is as dynamic as ever and he was among the first galleries to reopen in Paris and in Brussels braving the absence of ArtBasel and the Venice Biennale, which usually attract world collectors at this time of the year. Two fun artists are showing at the moment, New Yorker Will Cotton who reinterprets the myth of the cowboy with boys … Read More

The Prat collection at Petit Palais, what a treat!

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There was a series of opening parties planned on March 20-22 for “La Force du Dessin” (In the Drawing room), the exhibition of three centuries of French drawings, patiently collected since 1976, by Louis Antoine Prat, who worked with Pierre Rosenberg at the Louvre for forty years and his wife Véronique, an art critic for Le Figaro Magazine. The timing … Read More