The Montmartre Museum glitters with Van Dongen

No need to go to the gym this morning, visit the Montmartre museum instead and whether you arrive by tube or by foot, you will climb hundreds of steps to get to this charming, hidden museum which used to be Renoir’s studio, as well as Suzanne Valadon and her son Maurice Utrillo’s. Until August 26, a special exhibition unveils “Van … Read More

Pont Aven starts its new season with a private collection

You have all heard of Ecole de Pont Aven, in Southern Brittany, where Paul Gauguin reigned over a colony of foreign and French painters in the 1880’s and 90’s.  The little city has renovated its museum two years ago and the private collection of Alexandre Mouradian is being shown this year. The paintings are excellent and the visit will take … Read More

Corot focuses on ladies and monks at Musée Marmottan

You might be slightly bored by Jean Baptitse Corot‘s well known landscapes, by his rivers bordered with poplar trees in l’Oise and around Paris. But you will be utterly surprised by his paintings of naked women, of sexy models and charming nieces. These portraits were virtually unknown in his lifetime, for he only painted his family and professional sitters whom … Read More

René Laubiès at Galerie Alain Margaron

René Laubiès was an ascetic. He spent winters in India where he lived in total simplicity and painted on paper. When he came back to France in the spring, he glued (maroufler) his papers on wood and they became magical paintings. Alain Margaron is a patient dealer. He collected Laubiès’ works for years in his lifetime and the artist gave … Read More

Exotic travelers at Quai Branly

The “colonies” are exhibited front stage at Musée du Quai Branly Jacques Chirac in the show “Peintures des Lointains” (paintings of faraway countries), a group of two hundred works from its collections. Explorers, French civil servants turned painters, members of the minister of colonies, museum curators, take us through their adventures and let us discover Tahiti, Madagascar, Africa and Indochina … Read More

Dutch painters come to Paris at Petit Palais

After the huge success of Swedish painter Anders Zorn‘s exhibition last fall, Petit Palais is astonishing us with a new show of “Dutch painters in Paris from 1789 to 1914”. From Frederik Kaemmerer to Piet Mondrian, we discover that Ary Scheffer was born in the Netherlands and we follow the artists in Barbizon (Jacob Maris), in Montmartre (Kees Van Dongen) … Read More

Designer Hilton Mc Connico has left us

Hilton Mc Connico started out in Memphis, Tennessee,  where he was born in 1943,  as a debutante dress designer and was lucky enough to meet Grace Mirabella at American Vogue in the 1960’s. She recommended that he move to Paris where he found work with Ted Lapidus. Very soon he was working on movie sets as a decorator and he … Read More

In Saint Denis, carmelites lived well

You are going to think I have become a bigot and can only write about churches and nuns but my discovery of the week is the museum of Art and history  in Saint Denis, set in an old Carmel where Louis XVth’ seventh daughter and last child (Madame Dernière) became a nun in 1770. It was only a 20 minute metro … Read More