Musée de Cluny has reopened, what a treat!

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Musée National du Moyen-Age Cluny has been under works for the last ten years and closed for three, which was heart breaking. But it is now reopening on Thursday and the magic has remained even though 23 million € were spent on the architecture, the restoration of the works and the modernisation of all spaces to prepare it for the … Read More

La Sauvegarde de l’Art français turns 100 and celebrates…

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An exhaustive book on the history of the “Sauvegarde”, a new program of “The greatest museum in France” for high schools, and more medieval churches saved in the middle of nowhere… The energy of La Sauvegarde de l’Art Français ‘s president, Olivier de Rohan is endless and his ideas are revolutionary.  On May 19th at 6 pm, there will be a … Read More

Gaudi and Maillol star at Musée d’Orsay…

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The great discovery at Musée d’Orsay, which features two exhibitions of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi and French artist Maillol, is that Aristide Maillol was not only the well known sculptor of fat ladies, he was also a very good painter. And I was happily surprised to see among the 200 works, his “Maternité”, the portrait of his wife Clotidle and … Read More

Ariane Fruit, a talented French printer, travels to Canada.

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You might remember the extraordinary exhibition, of “Scènes de Crime” by Ariane Fruit at Galerie Documents 15, in 2018? The French artist had engraved the linoleum floor of her studio and designed a whole interior in black and white with a multitude of tools and other details, an atmosphere just out of a thriller. In 2019, at 43, she went … Read More

The street artist 13 bis meets Roger-Viollet

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It seems like an evidence and yet it just happened. 13 bis is a street artist who creates huge murals on streets of the 20 th arrondissement where he lives. Like JR, he is anonymous and works with a hood and a mask so as not to be recognized. He is around 40, used to be a painter but ran … Read More

The Machu Picchu show at the Trocadero, what a nightmare!

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First you book your ticket, 23€ on a special ticketmaster website. Then you queue on place du Trocadero to walk into the Cité de l’Architecture, then you are sent downstairs and you queue again in a dark and narrow corridor with too many people around. Some are masked. Then you enter a smallish room where you are told to pack … Read More

In le Mans, Musée de Tessé is a find

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I drove to Morbihan for Easter week end and thought it would be fun to stop in Le Mans for once. It is two hours west of Paris and has the most charming old city around Cathédrale Saint Julien. After booking a bed and breakfast with a view of the cathedral from my bed, I walked around the old quarter, … Read More