Mark Tobey is rediscovered at Jeanne Bucher Jaeger

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Galerist Jeanne Bucher discovered Mark Tobey (1890-1976) in New York in 1945, just before her death, and the gallery pursued her love for the artist and organized his first personal exhibition in 1955 in Paris, followed by an exhibition at the Tate in 1956 and one at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in 1961. “The Wise man of Seattle” as he … Read More

With Chirico a lesson in metaphysics at l’Orangerie

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“The suspension of logical sense in art is not an invention of us painters. Fair recognition for this discovery goes to Nietzsche, the Pole, even if in poetry it was first used by the Frenchman Rimbaud; in painting this achievement can be ascribed to the undersigned.”declare Giorgio de Chirico in 1919. The Chirico exhibition at Musée de l’Orangerie in the … Read More

In Le Havre, lampposts are the electrical stars!

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Musée André Malraux in Le Havre is a little glass jewel inaugurated in 1961, overlooking the beach which was still crowded two weeks ago. Temperatures of 25° allowed brave swimmers to enjoy the (quite) warm water of the great tides. The exhibition, “Nuits électriques” (electrical nights), is part of Normandy Impressionniste 2020, a large festival celebrating Impressionist painters, which covers … Read More

In Compiègne, Eugénie is the topic of a new book and a costume show

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Château de Compiègne is a sleeping beauty which is slowly being awakened by the senior curator Rodolphe Rapetti and at the moment, a modest exhibition of costumes worn by Empress Eugénie, Napoléon III’s wife, is matched by a brilliant book written by Laure Chabanne with photographs by Gustave Le Gray, paintings and watercolors by Eugène Lami, and numerous artifacts which give … Read More

“The Golden Danish Age” at Petit Palais, is very pleasing

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Once again Christophe Leribault, director of Petit Palais, gives us a perfect exhibition with “The Golden Age of Danish painting” 1801-1864, a charming mix of studio life and landscapes at the beginning of the 19 th century in Denmark.  The exhibition is a happy one, developing themes like family (there are many children), travels to France and Italy, bourgeois life … Read More

Who was Henri II? an ambitious warrior now at Vincennes.

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I had barely ever heard of our king Henri II (1519-1559), whose father François I and wife Catherine de Médicis, mistress Diane de Poitiers and cousin Henri IV, completely eclipsed him. He reigned for twelve years, ten of which were at war, trying to expand the Kingdom of France. And he should at least be remembered for taking back in 1558, … Read More

DDessin, a modest drawing fair with great young artists

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What is interesting about DDessin, a drawing fair celebrating its 8 th edition, is the number of young artists who show on their own. Of course, the star this year is Korean artist Yoon Ji-Eun, whom I had spotted at Drawing now 15  years ago. I love her work on plywood or paper and her galerist Maria Lund has always … Read More