Galerie Mitterrand celebrates 30 years…

Jean Gabriel Mitterrand started in 1975 with Artcurial, which at the time was a wonderful shop on Avenue Matignon where you could buy artists’ jewelry, sculptures and prints. The Lalanne, César, Arman, Mitoraj, Takis were discovered by many amateurs in this happy place.  It was partly funded by L’Oréal and had an original spot in the art market. Later JGM … Read More

Spheres, the Earth and the Universe at BNF

It is an extraordinary exhibition that is presented at Bibliothèque Nationale de France after the Louvre Abu Dhabi. 2 500 years of representations of the atmosphere and the Earth from Antiquity to today. Two hundred pieces restitute all its nobility to the quest of discovering the universe which was started by Ptolemaeus with the first globes. The evolution of our … Read More

Notre Dame, a world drama with many wonderful outcomes

My first reaction, when I saw the blazing spear falling down from Notre Dame at 7.30 pm, was that Emmanuel Macron was saved. He was to give a major speech on television at 8pm to answer the requests of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow vests) and justly decided to cancel. The priority was for him to be seen at Notre Dame. … Read More

The Queen’s apartment in Versailles gets a face lift

At the exact time when Notre Dame was burning, the Grand apartment of the Queen in Versailles was being inaugurated after three years of works including fireproof improvements and air “cooling”. And the result is impressive with the bedroom’s refurbishing and the adjoining three antechambers finding their old decor again. The lavishness of the fabrics, of the furniture and the … Read More

Fontainebleau celebrates Art history, on June 7-9

The 9 th Festival of art history is taking place at Château de Fontainebleau, an hour south of Paris, and this year the theme is “The people”. Instigated by Pierre Rosenberg, the three day event brings together art historians, curators, museum directors, artists and publishers and this edition is dedicated to five Northern countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The … Read More

Helena Rubinstein, a modern business woman, who loved art!

What is most interesting in the Helena Rubinstein exhibition at Musée d’art et d’Histoire juive, is the artistic talents that she developed over a long career as a business woman of beauty. All along her intense and long life, this young woman born in Krakow in 1872, was interested in fashion, painters, architects and decorators. Like Jeanne Lanvin or Christian … Read More

Dorignac, a forgotten painter, concentrates on black

While there is a very politically correct exhibition devoted to “Black Models from Géricault to Matisse” at Musée d’Orsay, the delightful Musée de Montmartre is giving a show to Georges Dorignac, an artist from the turn of the century, who painted everyone in black. He died at 46 in 1925, and was forgotten until recently. Eighty five of his works … Read More

At Art Paris, Gao Xingjian and Annette Barcelo stand out

With 150 galleries, Art Paris was fun this year even though you were too often told:  “This is an all women show”, a particularly irritating comment as far as I am concerned. Artists are sexless, they are either good or bad. There were two outstanding painters for me, Gao Xingjian at galerie Claude Bernard and Annette Barcelo at Anne de … Read More