Maison Parisienne is in full creativity mode

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Twelve years ago, Florence Guillier Bernard started Maison Parisienne, a “nomadic gallery” as she calls it, to promote young brilliant French craftsmen. She picks them, ceramists, embroiderers, wood carvers, glass blowers, copper sculptors, when they graduate from Ecole Boulle or when they receive a prize. She then works closely with them, for many years sometimes, and accompanies them all the … Read More

Amaury d’Andigné, a clever artist who loves animals!

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When I received Amaury d’Andigné‘s portfolio by email, I was intrigued. There is a nostalgia in his drawings of horses and dogs that reminded me of Xavier de Poret or Karl Reille’s talent for hunting scenes. Yet you could see he was of a younger generation and the sense of humor that is always present in his works, made me … Read More

Rattan is the new chic, by Lulu Lytle

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Rattan (rotin in French) has a double quality: it was always used in royal and grand colonial decors and is therefore very chic, and it is handmade by craftsmen of what the French call “Les Métiers d’Art”, so very much in fashion at the moment. It is therefore not a coïncidence if Lulu Lytle, author of the book published by … Read More

To do and not to do

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Confinement started in Paris last Friday and of course we are back to having to fill out forms every time we want to buy a baguette. So this week, we will not be able to attend the much anticipated Marc Riboud exhibition at Musée Guimet, which is completely installed and waiting for the public. The photographer, who spent much time … Read More

Charm and poetry at Musée Cernuschi

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Musée Cernuschi, the Asian art museum in the Parc Monceau, is one of the rare peaceful places at the moment in Paris and the new exhibition of Japanese prints “From Edo to Kyoto, on the Kisokaido road” is exceptional artistically and a great psychological boost.  Four major artists Utagawa Hiroshige, Keisai Eisen, Utagawa Kunisada and Utagawa Kuniyoshi worked between 1820 … Read More

Astrid de la Forest delivers beautiful figures at Documents 15

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The whole of Paris was concentrating on Emmanuel Macron paying a tribute at la Sorbonne to Samuel Paty, the teacher murdered by a young Tchetchen, while at Galerie Documents 15, a small group of art lovers were concentrating on the new work by printer Astrid de La Forest. And what a delight it is to lose oneself in the new … Read More

David Hockney has become Norman, at Galerie Lelong

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It’s really a wonderful story like always with David Hockney. Two years ago he was looking for a new place to paint, having decided to leave Los Angeles, which had become too far to commute from England. Jean Frémon, director of his French gallery, Lelong & Co, was in London for the inauguration of the stainless glass windows the Queen … Read More

“Asia Now” is full of great surprises

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Walking into the Asian Art fair on avenue Hoche was an exciting moment this week, and when you meet only nice people, you know the event is a success. François Curiel, whom I ran into at the opening, entirely agreed. It is largely due to Alexandra Fain, the founder of the fair, who opened it to Indian artists this year … Read More