Nathalie Boutté “Way down south” at Magnin-A galerie

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I first encountered Nathalie Boutté‘s minutious art at Art Paris and have since been following the evolution of her little papers with great interest. The title for her solo exhibition at Galerie Magnin-A comes from a poem by Virginian writer Daniel Webster Davis published in 1897, “Weh Down Souf”. It is entirely inspired by the photography collection of Rufus H.Holsinger, … Read More

Otto Freundlich’s dark destiny at Musée de Montmartre

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Musée de Montmartre has now accustomed us to showing original painters who worked on the magical hill at the turn of the century and Otto Freundlich is another discovery (for me at least) of a Prussian born artist, who very much wanted to become French and died at 65,  deported by the Nazis in 1943, while hiding in Saint Paul … Read More

Claudia Andujar’s fight for the Yanomami tribe at Fondation Cartier

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The exhibition at Fondation Cartier is, once again, more political than artistic. But some of you might be interested to discover the fight led by the Yanomami people in North Western Brazil and Venezuela. And thanks to Claudia Andujar, the Brazilian photographer born (Claudine Haas) in Switzerland in 1931, who fled Europe and her father’s extermination in Dachau, we can … Read More

Christian Louboutin glitters at Porte Dorée

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When he was a little boy, Christian Louboutin wondered why his three older sisters were blond while he was so tanned. He only discovered a few years ago that his mother had an affair and his father was Egyptian, not from Brittany… Is it this Oriental influence that gave him a genius for creating shoes that are universally loved, and … Read More

Contemporary African artists at Anne de Villepoix

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When she moved to her new gallery in the 11th, Anne de Villepoix made a brave change and she was right because her space is spectacular. She has developed a group of contemporary African artists who are all interesting and in parallel with the exhibition “L’Afrique Fantôme” (Phantomatic Africa) which presents them in Lyon at Manifesta until April 3, she … Read More

At Fondation Custodia, three exhibitions and another surprise!

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The lead exhibition at Fondation Custodia was advertised as “Studi & Schizzi”, Italian drawings from 1450 to 1700, and this is what Frits Lugt‘s exceptional collection is all about. Thousands of classical drawings collected until his death in Paris in  July 1970. A group of exceptional drawings, which are now progressively put online for the researchers’ benefit and the first 600 … Read More

Will a few hearts bring back visitors to Musée de la Vie Romantique?

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Since Daniel Marchesseau and his team composed of Catherine de Bourgoing and Jérôme Godeau left Musée de la Vie Romantique, George Sand’s charming house in the 9 th arrondissement has lost its soul and the exhibition “Hearts, from Romanticism to contemporary art” is not going to restore it. Opened on Valentine day, it tries very hard to inject some passion … Read More

From ski slopes to museums

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If like half of France, you are skiing in the Alps this week, and you encounter a foggy day, make sure to go and visit one of these four art exhibitions in Lausanne at Fondation de l’Hermitage and Musée de l’Elysée, at Fondation Gianadda in Martigny and at the Beyeler Foundation in Basel. Trains are fast and reliable and you … Read More