I look forward to… in September

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Gérard Garouste is one of my favorite painters. I met him with Elie Schulman in 1979 at Le Palace where he painted the decor of the restaurant le Privilège and then later, on many occasions with Daniel Templon who still exhibits him today. A retrospective of 120 of his paintings is starting at Centre Pompidou on September 7 until January … Read More

New England is the best in the summer

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There is nothing that I like more in the summer than flying off to Boston and land in Marblehead, on the North shore, where a fabulous sunset awaits me with a gin and tonic and the view of the harbor. And this is an experience I had not had in four years. So you can imagine my level of excitement … Read More

The Wadsworth Atheneum museum in Hartford is a must

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As a member of Frame (French American museum exchange) the Wadsworth Atheneum is on the list of the most excellent “provincial” museums in America and I could not skip a visit there since my last encounter with its galleries dated back to 2017. I went with art historian Cynthia Saltzman whose latest book “Plunder” on Napoleon’s love for Veronese!!! is … Read More

When Picabia steels from Ingres… by Jean Hubert Martin

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It all happened when Jean-Hubert Martin, who lives part of the year near Montauban, discovered a book of photographs of Ingres’ drawings in the library of the museum. He realized that many of Francis Picabia‘s drawings and paintings were directly inspired by Ingres and that the iconoclast artist had obvioulsy seen the book by Jacques Edouard Gatteaux of 120 drawings … Read More

Schiaparelli is shockingly good at MAD!

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Sophie Lemahieu is a lucky curator. For her recent arrival at MAD, she gets to open “The Surreal world of Elsa Schiaparelli” exhibition in the middle of  Couture week when the cream of the cream of fashion journalists and stylists are in town. And what a show! Those of you who saw Thierry Mugler’s retrospective last year will find some … Read More

A Léon Bonnat retrospective… at last!

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Léon Bonnat (1833-1922) is a forgotten painter who was a star in his lifetime, an official portraitist who trained many students when he was director of Ecole des Beaux Arts and helped all Basque artists to come to the capital. He was born in Bayonne, lived for seven years in his teens in Madrid, where he studied with José and … Read More

What’s new this week?

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The greatest national French news was certainly the award of the Fields Medal (the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for Mathematics) to French mathematician Hugo Duminil Copin (36), along with Ukrainian Marina Viazovska (37), American June Huh (39) and British James Maynard (35). The rule is that the laureate be under 40, and it is awarded every four years to up to … Read More