A spectacular exhibition in Chantilly … in 2025

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The rain was drizzling on Maison de Sylvie in Chantilly but the atmosphere was electrical when Mathieu Deldicque, director of Musée Condé, and Marie Pierre Dion in charge of the rare books, announced that the “Mona Lisa of Manuscripts” Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, would be (partly) exhibited for three months in June-October 2025. The last time … Read More

Chéri Samba and Jean Piggozzi, a long time affair…

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Musée Maillol cultivates the art of the difference. A few years back in 2020, the exhibition around Uderzo and Astérix organized by Artcurial, was great fun. And “Artemisia Gentileschi” in 2012, was extraordinary. Today, “Chéri Samba” in the Jean Pigozzi collection has taken over and the opening was very happy with an African rumba orchestra in the courtyard and many … Read More

Cristal is a feast at Musée de Cluny

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There is something magical about visiting Musée de Cluny, where seeing the tapestry of the “Lady and the Unicorn” is a unique experience. The museum has been refurbished eighteen months ago and has gained in luminosity and attractiveness. The exhbiiton “Travel through Cristal” (until January 14) is a precious addition to the permanent collection. Considered as a rare stone until … Read More

A Tuesday marathon

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When I woke up at 5.30 last Tuesday, I thought I would never get through the day. Well, I am happy to be still alive so I can let you know what the life of a Parisian was this week… I started out at Fondation Louis Vuitton at 10 am for the large Rothko show, went on to Paris design … Read More

Antony Gormley hits Musée Rodin like a storm

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On this first day of cold autumn weather, British sculptor Antony Gormley could only be delighted to find all the roses of Musée Rodin still in full bloom. His exhibition of 75 sculptures and models in conversation with Rodin’s masterpieces is the event of the week, just before the openings of Paris + by Art Basel and Peter Doig at … Read More

Dana Schutz’ show is violent at MAM Paris!

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When I first met Dana Schutz at the opening of her exhibition “The visible world” at MAM Paris, I felt like encountering a proper young woman from New York City. Dressed in a slick black suit, with frizzy hair and light glasses, she has an incredible sweetness in the voice and in the gesture. Yet her works are all about … Read More

Claire Bretécher, Prix Émile Perreau Saussine, Journée des Plantes in Chantilly and a novel on worms…

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The Autumn Journées des plantes in Chantilly were heavenly with perfect cool and sunny weather and newcomers such as Jean Marie Dheedene from the Clematis Foundation in Belgium. He develops new clematises which survive better the heat and need little watering and has classified them all according to the flowering period and the perfume. I visited Claire Le Meur who … Read More