Marie and Felix Bracquemond, Fondation Custodia, ADOR in Versailles… so much to see and so little time

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On Tuesday April 30 at 2.30pm, Artcurial is auctioning Marie and Felix Bracquemond‘s drawings, paintings and Gobelins tapestries kept in the family until now. And also various services of plates, made by Creil et Montereau in 1866 and Haviland. This exceptional couple who met at the Louvre, were very close to the Impressionists. While Felix was mostly a printer (I … Read More

The Jeu de Paume is closing from May 12 to September 28, and announces a brilliant season for the end of the year

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Due to the Olympics, which will bar access to place de la Concorde and part of the Tuileries gardens all summer, the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume has to close down on May 12. So if you have not been yet, make sure to see the fabulous Tina Modotti exhibition and Bertille Bak (b.1983) “Out of Breath” who plays … Read More

Departement stores are revived at MAD

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“The birth of Department stores” is a new show at Musée des Arts Décoratifs, devoted to the huge social revolution which they represented in 1852, when these “new temples of modernity” emerged under Napoleon III’s Second Empire. 80% of the seven hundred objects and posters exhibitied here belong to the rich collections of MAD. This emergence of popular spending, the … Read More

Here and there people you should know about…

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PAD, the design fair in Jardins des Tuileries, was celebrating its 24 th edition since 1998, and it was a beautiful and refined occasion to discover new galleries of ceramics, lamps and furniture. Everyone was under 40 years old on the stands and in the aisles and very glamorous. I discovered Aurélie Galois’s works at Mouvements Modernes, a gallery set … Read More

Collection Pinault has never been so fun at Bourse du Commerce

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Bourse du Commerce  where the Pinault collection is housed is one of the most exciting buildings in Paris, across the street from Saint Eustache and it has an exciting group exhibition ” The World as it goes” on its three levels with a special focus on Korean artist Kimsooja in tis rotunda and ground floor display cases as well as … Read More

XVII th century luxury in your pocket! It’s at Musée Cognacq-Jay

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“Luxe de Poche” or luxury in your pocket at the Age of Enlightment,  is a good title for this precious little exhibition at Musée Cognacq-Jay, founded by the creators of the Samaritaine stores… Beautifully curated by Sixtine de Saint Léger and Vincent Bastien  from Versailles, it offers a sociological study of these intimate snuff boxes, smelling bottles or sewing kits, … Read More