Georges Michel is rediscovered at Fondation Custodia

He was called the “Ruisdael of Montmartre” and worked at the Louvre with Vivant Denon on restoring the collections of Dutch paintings. He has made more than a thousand paintings with cloudy skies and rainy countrysides. Georges Michel, (1763-1843) a French painter who hardly ever left Paris, is the topic of an exhibition “Le paysage sublime” at Fondation Custodia, which … Read More

Jean Fautrier glitters at Musée d’Art Moderne

I have long admired Jean Fautrier’s work since I was given a 1962 ink many years ago by my Tante Elsie and sleeping in front of this poetic drawing has always calmed me in an almost buddhist way. The new restropsective of his work at Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris is an enchanting walk through dark and … Read More

Parisians say NO to Jeff Koons’ tulips

When American artist Jeff Koons and then Ambassador Jane D. Hartley announced a present to the city of Paris in November 2016, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo was the first one to communicate and rejoice over it. Unfortunately the present, a 35 tons bouquet of tulips made in bronze, stainless steel and aluminum is a poisonous gift, financed by … Read More

Sam Szafran is stunning at Galerie Claude Bernard

The artist and the gallerist have been friends for over forty years and as I walked into galerie  Claude Bernard on rue des Beaux Arts, I could feel their long acquaintance. It was such a beautiful moment. This legendary space where so many sculptors and artists of the 60’s have found a life, was crowded on opening night but the dozen … Read More

At Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Polish photography is honored

Zbigniew Dlubak (1921-2005) is a self taught Polish painter and photographer who joined at 13, the young socialist-communist movement and was as a result, temporarily fired from school. During the war, he joined the Resistance, was arrested in the Warsaw insurrection and deported to Auschwitz and Mathausen. His art is surprising, both abstract and surrealistic, and finds a perfect showcase … Read More

Notre Dame de la Compassion, a very special church!

I have passed this chapel designed in the shape of a Greek cross a million times on my way to Neuilly and yet, had never been inside. It took a close friend’s mother to die for me to discover the most moving monument of Paris’ 17 th arrondissement. Notre Dame de la Compassion is a church devoted to parents who have … Read More

Gilbert and George play with the Beard

Two gay artist couples are showing in Paris at the moment in two beautiful galleries and both are extremely fun and impossible to miss: Gilbert and George fill up the huge space of Thaddaeus Ropac gallery in Pantin and Pierre et Gilles are at Galerie Templon on rue Beaubourg. Both shows, by artists who have lived and worked together for … Read More

Pierre et Gilles as brilliant as ever chez Templon

What a fabulous present, Pierre et Gilles, have given us to start the year : a joyful and glittering exhibition at Galerie Templon, where every single of the 35 paintings are mindblowing and charming. Pierre Commoy, the photographer and Gilles Blanchard the painter, ally their talents to recreate popular culture on a grand scale. Last Saturday, the opening drew crowds on … Read More